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    Wild Willpower PAC began building this website following the release of attack dogs and the destruction of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota ancestral burial sites on September 3rd, 2016.  The further development of the extensive archive on this site is temporarily postponed, as we are seeking a temporary workspace in the area for our team to be able to work from.

    The content throughout this site does not necessarily reflect the political views of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe or any other organization, individual, or political body.  This site is being compiled to help people “cut through any media obfuscation” via attempting to accurately map the situation and create a “list of reasonable demands which takes into consideration the historic and cultural context of the situation & people involved.

All content throughout this site is being presented, without prejudice, in accordance with The First Amendment, Fair Use,  & Casus foederis.

Casus foederis is the event upon the occurrence of which it becomes the duty of one of the allies to render the promised assistance to the other.  Thus, in the case of a defensive alliance, the casus foederis occurs when war is declared or commenced against one of the allies.  Treaties of alliance very often define precisely the event which shall be regarded as the casus foederis.[1]

    Wild Willpower PAC is currently “Standing With Standing Rock” with the Oceti Sakowin people, as well as with people of many different classes, colors, creeds, & traditions who are united in protecting the ancient & beloved Missouri River from being polluted by oil- specifically because an oil pipeline owned by Dakota Access, L.L.C.a subsidiary of Energy Transferhas planned to install the Dakota Access Pipeline Project (“DAPL”) across it, thus endangering the wildlife and drinking water of everyone downstream.

    This website is being organized to help people navigate the circumstances in chronological order to learn what actually happened.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please email  This website is being built by Wild Willpower.

Contents of Website:


All Archives in Chronological Order  ****  All Official Documents (Press Releases, Resolutions, Eviction Notices, etc.) **** All Online Petitions **** Media Slander Against Us

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Civil Rights Violations **** Ancestral Burial Sites Desecrated **** Aircraft (FAA) Violations **** Officers Failure to Identify **** American Indian Religious Freedom Act Violated **** Everything Drone Related **** Officers Outside Their Jurisdiction (“Diversity of Jurisdiction”) **** Wrongful Evictions Against All Water Protector Camps

Historical Context

Pre-Contact Lakota **** First Contact w/ Europeans **** Two Treaties of Fort Laramie **** All Major Treaty Violations **** The American Revolution, The Constitution, & “The Treaty Clause”

Legal Analysis

The Location of DAPL is Illegal **** DAPL was Illegally Approved Through Acts of EXTORTION **** “We Call Upon Your Constitutional Oaths!”

“List of Reasonable Demands” aka “Redress of Grievances”– please read & sign!

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   Thank you so much for caring; we’ll keep updating this site daily to help bring the movement into focus as best we can.  

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Sitting Bull put minds together

References are listed at the bottom of each page throughout this site, beneath the following image:


[1]:  Oppenheim, L., International Law: A Treatise, 8th Ed., Vol. 1, edited by H. Lauterpacht (New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1955), page 963-964.