Testify for Standing Rock!!!!

You Can Help:

    Please submit a three(ish) minute video (or as long as it takes, if necessary- no worries) regarding “why you support Standing Rock”.  

    First, please read the entire website of www.StandingRockClassAction.org.  Also read www.OcetiSakowinCamp.org and view our tribal government website at www.StandingRock.org. Equip yourself with knowledge& then pour your heart out to the world to help save the beloved Missouri River with us.  If you don’t believe that the pipeline poses a threat, please read this.

       We’re not here to blame & divide people: we’re asking that, when speakingspeak to your entire human family with real love & respect: say a prayer before giving your testimony on film.  Many are hurting, but you are blessed & never forget it.  We encourage you to plese lift others UP with your words & be respectful to all.  You’re speaking to officers, your friends and family, children around the world looking through this site: THE WHOLE WORLD including to people of future generations who are going to look back & witness this site.  We ask that instead of blaming: inspire.  Teach.  

Sitting Bull put minds together

    Honour the treaties, help the planet- please help speak up for us with a three minute video, & then inspire & HELP other people produce & publish their video.  We recommend uploading your video via YouTube.  If your Facebook profile is set to “private” or “friends only”, then the public will not be able to view the video, so we won’t be able to publish it.  Once you’ve finished uploading your written &/or video testimony, please send the link &/or PDF to Distance@WildWillpower.org, & be sure to write “TESTIMONY FOR STANDING ROCK” in the subject line of the email.  If you’d like us to link your testimony to a website you’re affiliated with or your facebook page, please include the link in the email.

Once we have your testimony, we’ll upload it to whichever page corresponds:

Testimonies from Water Protectors who Have been Arrested

Testimonies from Protectors at Camp who have Not Been Arrested (yet)

Testimonies from Supporters Around the World

Creating Clarity from Chaos