9-8-2016: Protectors Lock Down to Machinery, Other Tribes arrive in Canoes, Aerial Footage of Burial Sites Desecrated

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Landmark Events:

9/8/16:  Early morning 1, Water protectors chained to construction machinery.  

Digital Smoke Signals by Myron Dewey (video length 1:59):

9/8/16:  Early morning 2, Water protectors chained to construction machinery 

Digital Smoke Signals by Myron Dewey (video length 1:01):

9/7/16 and 9/8/16:  Paddling Together

Fusion  (video length 2:05)

9/8/16:  #NoDAPL Canoes coming in to camp

(video length 5:15):

9/8/16:  Asking permission to come ashore

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 3:12):

9/8/16:  (pub.9/23/16) Paddle fly over on the Cannonball River

Dr0ne2bwild (video length 1:18):

9/8/16:  Canoes show up on Cannonball River shores and request to come ashore

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 0:34):

9/8/16:  Michael on support boat, a few canoe families going.

–  Sacred Stone Camp (video length 3:10):

More from on the support boat

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 1:42):

Smooth paddling

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 0:08):

9/8/16:  (9/9/16/published)  NW Canoe tribes arrive at historic gathering at Standing Rock – Article with photos

Yes! Magazine


 9/8/16:  Governor Dairymple‘s Press Conference, requesting National Guard presence.  He also sends a message to Water Protectors regarding conduct, Do so in a respectful & lawful way.  Resist any pressure to violate the law and tarnish your message.  To all North Dakotans, respect the rights of others.  We all have the right to have our voices heard.  (video length 27:52):

9/8/16:  In response to the Governor’s press release. A call for more support, Cody Hall responds with request for more support.  (video length 2:27):

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Drone flyover- evidence of DAPL destroying sacred sites. Dr0ne2BWild (video length 0:26):


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