8-16-2016: 4 days of prayer @ DAPL Site, Honor Song, N.D. State Patrol Announces Road Closure (Needs Labels)

8/16/16:  Prayer walk to the frontlines, followed by a ceremony at the gates – #NoDaPl #MniWiconi 

Joseph White Eyes  (video length 1:22):

8/17/16 (Published 8/19/16):  Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Strong Words,  video of walk to access road, and honor song by John Eagle Sr. SRST Historic Preservation Officer.

 KOLC TV (video length 5:44):

8/17/16:  Singing at DAPL Access road, view of supporters.

Oyate Media Network (video length 0:49):

8/17/16 1806 Roadblock info

8/17/16:  Holding the Line.

Honor The Earth photo.


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