10-5-2016: Police Now w/ Riot Gear Block Road, Prevent Action, Interviews (NEEDS LABELS

10/5/16:  “Standing Our Ground”:  In an effort to ramp up their force, police on the ground donned riot gear – including helmets and batons – while the Water Protectors stood at the front line of the Dakota Access Pipeline with signs and songs, peacefully protesting the movement of what is now commonly known as “the Black Snake” from being placed on their sacred land at Standing Rock reservation:

– by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals


10/5/16:  “Armed with Only a Song and a Prayer”:  Water Protectors stand at the front line of the Dakota Access Pipeline with songs and prayers, protesting continued efforts to build what is now commonly known as “the Black Snake” on their sacred land at Standing Rock reservation, North Dakota:

– by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals


10/5/16:  “Water is Life – Live FB Stream”:  Myron Dewey is a filmmaker and activist who has been embedded in the front lines of #NODAPL and coordinated a live Facebook stream of this frontline action, encouraging others to pass it off and keep the video going far beyond the life of a phone battery. “Passing and sharing, passing and sharing. Take the opportunity now.

  This clip is more than thirty minutes long and shows the protest in real-time.  Around the 00:10:00 minute mark the singing pauses & police are shown very close to the Water Protectors, standing guardedly, lights flashing, guns on belts, blocking the road.

   Around 00:12:40, police with riot gear start to move in, and the Water Protectors call out instructions to each other, urging each other to be safe and stick together. “You can’t drink oil; water is life!” and “All we got here is a song and a prayer.” In between chanting and singing, Water Protectors take turns sharing out their truths about how this pipeline will affect their lives and the lives of generations to come. Dewey encourages everyone to share on social media their experiences against the state’s corporate militarization.

Around 00:24:00 the camera zooms in on cops holding zipties to use as handcuffs and Dewey calls out “the cops are now DAPL-Protectors.” Around 00:28:00, he finds a police filming him, & they stare each other’s cameras down.

– by Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals


10/5/16:  Standing Rock Press Conference (all women)Kanahus Manuel, Ladonna Allard, Tara Houska, IIYC letter by Jasilyn Charger, Helena Wong, Kandi Mosset

Tom Jefferson  (video length 1:00:27):

10/5/16:  International Indigenous Youth Council on the road.  We had such a great morning with the #JicarillaApache students at Dulce Middle and High School!  Iheédn for supporting the protectors in#StandingRock. You guys rule 😎✊🏽 #NoDAPL  

International Indigenous Youth Council  (video length 0:31):

Next Section:  “Prayers at junction of County Rd. 134 and Route 6 – county road shut down by police”:
10/5/16:  Buffer Zone Holds as Caravans Continue to Disrupt DAPL – Felony Charges issued

– Unicorn Riot

Buffer Zone Holds as Caravans Continue to Disrupt DAPL – New Felony Charges

10/5/16:  Live at road junction where police blocked off county road to the west.

Kandi Mossett, Indigenous Environmental Network  (video length 24:59):

Drone2bwild  (video length 2:17):


10/5/16:  Update about the action

Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 12:21):

10/5/16:  Police blocking public road

Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 1:19):

10/5/16:  Interview with Kandi Mossett  (Windy)

Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:55):

10/5/16:  360 degree view at the blockade

Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 0:08):

10/5/16:  Watching them watching us

Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals  (video length 9:26):

10/5/16:  Police Block Caravan from Standing Rock, Wed. Oct 5th –

Todd Darling  (video length 5:24):

10/5/16:  Photo: Two Warrior Women in prayer bravely pass by the massive police force at a construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline. #NoDAPL #RezpectOurWater #WaterisLife

Sacred Stone Camp

10/5/16:  photo and post – they are running on indian time!

Chad Charlie 

10/5/16:  Court Postpones Decision on DAPL Construction Stoppage as Standing Rock Stands Strong

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