8-29-2016: Fredrickson and Byron Law Office Action (NEEDS LABELS)

8/29/16:  (summary needed)

RevRadMedia (video length 57:40):

8/29/16:  Law Firm Action (summary needed).

FusionJosue Rivas (video length 23:11):

8/29/16:  Shorter Fusion Video from Law Firm Action (summary needed)

Josue Rivas (video length 1:13):

8/29/16:  In Bismarck (summary needed).

KLND (video length 3:13);

8/29/16:  Bismarck Tribune Clips (summary needed):

Anton American Horse (video length 2:16)

8/29/16:  Mekasi Horinek (summary needed).

(video length 3:28):

8/29/16:  Tom Goldtooth (summary needed).

(video length 3:24):

8/29/16:  Singing at the Law Office (summary needed).

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 2:30):

8/29/16:  Lawyers ran out the back (summary needed).

(video length 1:01):

8/29/16:  Mni Wiconi – at law offices (summary needed).

(video lenght 1:46):

8/29/16:  live (summary needed).

Joseph White Eyes (video length 4:58):

8/29/16:  live (summary needed).

Joseph White Eyes  (video length 12:57):


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