2.) 12-9-2015: Draft Environmental Assessment for Flowage Easements Posted by Army Corps.

Draft Environmental Assessment for a “Flowage Easement” announced by Army Corps of Engineers in regards to “DAPL Project”.

    The announcementwhich contains links to the original draft of the flowage easement and the finalized version, many be accessed HERE:


    Within the drafEnvironmental Assessment, the following is written:  “in North Dakota, the project crosses federal flowage easements at the Missouri River upstream of Lake Sakakawea in Williams County and federally-owned lands at Lake Oahe in Morton and Emmons counties.  The pipeline is 24 inches in diameter where it crosses approximately 2.83 miles of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ flowage easements at the Missouri River and is 30 inches in diameter where it crosses approximately 0.21 miles of federal lands at Lake Oahe.

    The draft Environmental Assessment may be accessed HERE:


    The final Environmental Assessment, approved on July 25th, 2016, may be accessed HERE:


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