9-2-2016: Emergency Injunction Filed for area west of 1806

9-2-2016:  Myron Dewey and International Indigenous Youth Council member Caro Gonzalez filming the delivery of a Declaration of Peace in response to the state of emergency declared by the governor of North Dakota and the 1806 blockades preventing access to Standing Rock from the north.

Myron Dewey (video length 8:19):

9/2/16 (published 9/12/16):   Water Protectors travelling along Highway 6 stop to see and film the destructive nature of DAPL.

Shaun Sutton  (video length 2:32):

9/2/16  (Pub. 9/12/16):  “Construction along route 6“:  Two protectors drive by DAPL construction, remarking on how far the pipeline currently stretches. One protector remarks that two days prior they had not started building on that side of the road.

Shaun Sutton (video length 0:31):

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