10-6-2016: Caravan Encountering Police Blockades – “Toxic Tour Caravan”, Morton County Sheriff Responds (NEEDS LABELS)

10/6/16:  Action Caravan met by severe militarized officers and equipment

Red Warrior Camp (video length 1:02): 

10/6/16:  Military equipment brought out to keep the citizens safe… from unarmed water protectors

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 0:21):

10/6/16:  Morton county reports the workers were pulled from sites where there was action today

Red Warrior Camp  (video legnth 0:30):

10/6/16:  Toxic Tour summary video

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 5:51):

10/6/16:  We bring prayers to the construction sites on these Toxic Tour Caravans

 Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 0:37):


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