10-8-2016: Drones Confiscated, Officers Refuse to Identify Themselves (NEEDS LABELS)

10-8-16:  Documenting work ““16 miles from river”, broadcast live:

Myron DeweyDigital Smoke Signals

    The following video was broadcast live to Facebook by Myron Dewey on 10-08-2016.  It was also posted to Youtube by Myron Dewey on 10-09-2016  with the following text:

    “Officers said they had a warrant, I asked several times for a warrant and name, badge number with no comply… they clearly violated my rights…

    “*The Fourth Amendment’s protection against unlawful search and seizure generally makes arbitrary police car searches illegal. If the police search your car without a warrant, your permission, or a valid reason, they are violating your constitutional rights.”

 10-08-16:  with the following text:

“Update on drone taken, we are at the Morton county center”

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals

10-08-16:  with the following text:

“review the footage…there is no warrant like the officer said….”

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals

Myron Dewey requested the names of the following officers:

10/8/16:  Morton County Sheriffs pull over Myron Dewey, search his vehicle, and take his drone 

  Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 21:31):

10/8/16:  Myron Dewey attempts to question the sheriff about his drone

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 6:10):

10/8/16:  Tom Goldtooth – more info on DAPL activity update on Hart river and drone action

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 8:05):

10/8/16:  More on the stolen drone

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals (video length 57:30):

10/8/16:  Tom Goldtooth and Dr0ne2bwild detained, released – post and photo

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