South Dakota Officer outside his jurisdiction

    Update from the from the front lines today and South Dakota officer interview.   SD officer outside jurisdiction: independent media crew asking South Dakota Highway Patrol officers why there are in Standing Rock. Officer states “we’re just here to help maintain the Peace” Officers would not disclose their names but said they were with unit 414 under the authority of Morton County Sheriff Kirk Meyer. The media crew asked officers if they have received cultural sensitivity training. Officers replied that they had received training in South Dakota but none for this particular situation and ask what makes the land and road regarded as sacred. Media crew responds with “Where I pray right now is sacred”; all land in which we pray on is sacred and suggests further cultural training for all officers involved. One member of the media crew blessed the Highway Patrol vehicle. Another member of the crew told the officers “I’m hoping that as human being that when we see something we don’t agree with.. that we are brave enough to step up and say something about it.” He then gives an account of what he experienced on the 6th (OCT??). While he was flying a drone during a demonstration, an officer asked him to land it, which he did without question or resistance. Once landed, the officer then attempted to confiscate the drone but was prevented from doing so by those in the demonstration. During this time, officers were ignoring a graffiti act at the demonstration.The media crew expressed that this event displayed both selective law enforcement and violation of the right to press. The officers then questioned the media crew on their right to press and asked what organization they worked for. The media crew also accounted having just been followed by a patrol car followed by a patrol car while a passing vehicle with no licence plate in the front or back was ignored.To them, this again demonstrated selective law enforcement meant to profile and target those who appeared to be arriving in support of Standing Rock. 

Myron Dewey , Digital Smoke Signals

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