10-21-2016: Touring Area Where Burial Site Desecrated on Sept. 3rd, Warning More Sites On Path to Be Desecrated, Prayer Walk to Fort Rice (NEEDS LABEL)

Video #1:

   Myron Dewey shows helicopter, area that was desecrated on September 3rd.

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 10:22):

Video #2:

   DAPL ready to desecrate the graves and SACRED SITES AGAIN.

Jean Roach (video length 7:41):

Next Section: Prayer Walk 10 Miles north of Camp:

Video #3:

   New blockade met with love and prayer

Thomas H. Joseph II  (video length 6:26):

Video #4:

       On the way to new blockade

Thomas H. Joseph II‘s  (video length 12:13):

Video #5:

   Prayer walk on new blockade and military camp 10 miles north of camp

Thomas H. Joseph II  (video length 17:15):

Video #6:

 We call to the front lines!

Didi Banerji (video length 27:51):

Video #7:

   Marching to the new blockade in Fort Rice.

Chad Charlie  (video length 7:08):

Video #8:

   Live March to blockade – Second Video

Chad Charlie  (video length 13:03):

Video #9:

   Before leaving Standing Rock, John Wathanconcerned about what is to come, requests prayers from people around the world.

John Wathan   (video length :45):



   14 Photos of DAPL pushing on road 1806 Cempoallu Twenny:

In-Depth Written Report, Update:

   BLACK SNAKE DESTRUCTION REPORT“: a synthesis of current and updated information obtained from DAPLs official status reports, and on the ground observations from vigilant water protectors on the frontline at Standing Rock. The post has a lot of summary information, or download the PDF for the entire document. 

– Red Warrior Camp reports:


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