14.) Nov. 25th, Army Corps. Commanding Officer, John Henderson, Attempts to Evict Standing Rock Sioux Tribe from Their Treaty-Protected Land on Thanksgiving

    John W. Hendersonthe same man who violated United States Code, Title 18 §872. Extortion by officers or employees of the United States on July 25th when he illegally approved the “flowage easement” for Dakota Access Pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, and who “requested” Dakota Access, L.L.C. to “stop building” on , sent an EVICTION NOTICE to the Water Protectors who bravely & stoicly stood alongside Native Americans at a time when The Constitution of The United States was knowingly & willingly being violated by rogue Officers of the Law who knowingly & willingly violated their Constitutional Oaths of Office via defending the illegally-placed, illegally-approved Dakota Access Pipeline in direct violation to The Treaty Clause of The Constitution, The Treaty of Fort Larmie, & the honor & respect that was originally met between the Founding Fathers of The United States and the many Chiefs & Headmen of The Native American Nations


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