8/28 – 8/31 Actions:

    If you have any footage from any of the actions/prayer events which occurred in August between 8/28 & 8/31, please upload such footage to Youtube, then send the URL link to Distance@WildWillpower.org.  In the subject line, write: “STANDING ROCK VIDEO” as well as 5the date in which the video footage was filmed.  For instance, if the video was filmed on 8-29-2016″, in the subject line write “STANDING ROCK VIDEO 8-29-2016”.

    Within the email, send the URL link, who to accredit the video to, & also the date in which the video was taken. Also add any names of persons who can be witnessed in the video (civilians and officers).  We’ll organize the videos throughout this website, with all videos from each day of action assembled into an easily-navigable platform so that we can get this case built asap.  Thanks!  Please spread the word!

Creating Clarity from Chaos