How We Plan To File This Case

    This is not your typical case.  

Plan of Action:

    Soon everything throughout the History, Case Facts, & Redress of Grievances sections will be finished soon, & our plans following will be to present our first draft of this case to The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council in order to find out if there are any amendments &/or additional considerations prior to our filing- but before presenting this gift with our best foot forward in remourse & plan for peace in which we may come to mutually & universally-beneficial agreement, we need to get some more things in order.  

    We move pretty fast around here, so please check the site daily for extensive updates, as the research & compiling has already been done “behind the scenes”, & we’re just uploading it & backing everything up into “book form” at this very moment.

The date is not announced yet, however we can assure it will be soon:

this page will be updated shortly


Posters for The Planned Filing Action


We're Peaceably Assembling for YOU!!