10-24-2016: Frontlines, Indigenous Eminent Domain

Frontlines, Indigenous Eminent Domain

Front Lines, In prayer at 1806

Myron Dewey, Digital Smoke Signals (video length 8:47) 

     Officers on the way

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 15:35)

    Prayer singers at the frontlines

– Digital Smoke Signals (video length 1:24)

    Front lines today

Wiyaka Eagleman (video length 22:09)

    Stand strong, pray hard!

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 1:34) 


Live Update of events

Eric Poemz (video length 7:03)

    Indigenous Life Movement interviews West Coast Women Warrior cooperative on frontlines

– Indigenous Life Movement  (video length 30:33)


Women chanting water is life on 1806 treaty camp

– Angie Spencer (video length 0:27)






Creating Clarity from Chaos