12-6-2016: Major Oil Spill Just Miles from Standing Rock

Major Oil Spill Just Miles from Standing Rock


Chief Arvol Looking Horse “It’s not over.”

Unify (video length 1:04)

    Medics, security, veterans have been checking on people at camp to send vulnerable people to pavillion.

Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle


    The Standing Rock Medic Healer Council explains the medical and health situation at the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Camps (Oceti Sakowin, Sicangu/Rosebud, Sacred Stone, etc.) in light of the ongoing blizzard conditions and 1806 police roadblock.

SR Medic Healer Council (video length 1:34)

This Saturday is a day of action against Wells Fargo 

Sacred Stone Camp

Photograph taken on December 4th just prior to the blizzard which came the very next day on the 5th of December.

Kenny Frost

    Be on the Lookout! Here is the ugly side of what people who stand up for their beliefs and kids future face in North Dakota

Kevin Gilbertt

Creating Clarity from Chaos