Fundraiser for Pro Se Litigation to Help Water Protectors

    After many years documenting & creating in-depth, simple-to-use full-color educational materials (books, DVDs, websites) regarding Native American traditional wild living skills and pro se civil & environmental litigation, Wild Willpower PAC began developing beginning in September, at which time we came to Standing Rock to be of service; since then we’ve been working relentlessly both on physical labor at the campand in compiling a class action lawsuit to present to the people of Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin Camp, & Sacred Stone Camp prior to filing together– it has been excruciating reading through treaty violation after treaty violation after treaty violation, & also the manipulation of many demographics of people while compiling this textbook/suit- but it will be brought to light soon, & we are confident the Redress of Grievances we’re proposing will surpass expectations and be beneficial to the tribe and all of humanity, as should be evident after reading our previous years of work which may be viewed beginning on

    This fundraiser will enable us to continue renovating a local abandoned building we were turned on to by the local Chairman so we can turn it into a workspace & printing press, from where we’ll continue compiling (much of which is already done behind the scenes, but which we haven’t launched yet), except much swifter once we’re up & running.  The workspace & printing press will enable people to order all our publications including the new Pro Se Litigation Guidebook which will accompany the suit so Water Protectors can be prepared for court & be knowledgeable.  Ordering these publications from abroad will be a great way for people to support the cause in a way which helps get vital knowledge out to the people and in a way which directly supports Water Protectors & residents of Standing Rock.  

Preview Pages of Our Work Thus Far Here @ Standing Rock:

Pro Se Litigation Guidebook PREVIEW PAGES; this guide will greatly aid Water Protectors to wrap their heads around the court system & file for damages due to civil rights violations & hold officers accountable.  Thus far Protectors have been bulrushed through the lower courts while on the defense. This guide will help everyone get charges dropped as we go on the offense due to civil rights violations we’ve suffered.  Many of us are very concerned about the local court system, as there are several illegal policies in place which are complicating the cases.  This fundraiser will  help us get these guidebooks to Water Protectors and teach the world how to do this as we exert our First Amendment Right to film & broadcast the cases with the blessing of the court system!

These next sections are part of the big class action lawsuit. The above guide will help Protectors become knowledgeable ahead of time and deal with the lower courts asap.

Sectiion 1:  Pre-Contact Great Plains Tribes

Section 2:  First Contact w Europeans- French & Spanish- Introduction to Guns & Horses

Section 3:  American Revolution to Indian Removal Act PREVIEW PAGES

Section 4:  The Development of U.S. Water Policy & The Two Treaties of Fort Laramie

Section 5:  All Subsequent Treaty Violations (coming soon, pending successful fundraiser)

Section 6:  Illegal DAPL Approval Process Mapped (coming soon)

Chapter 7:  Our Redress of Grievances (list of reasonable demands) which can be glimpsed (in part) on

Fundraiser Description Continued:

(Note:  If you’d like to contribute now, please simply visit our fundraiser page on Crowdrise)

    This fundraiser will help us acquire essential supplies for renovating the abandoned building, purchase printing supplies for the printing press, and create an amazing workspace to compile the publications and process orders.  We’ll also continue compiling the archive on, as we don’t have an adequate workspace to work from as this time (access to internet is scarce here at Standing Rock!).  We’ll also be compiling Homsteading Starter Kits people can order prior to spring.  Also this fundraiser will enable us to afford a much-needed company vehicle; anything extra will go to directly supporting the needs of Water Protectors as we continue to brave the harsh winter & keep the movement going forward.

    As we’ve thus far lacked an adequate workspace to continue compiling, we’ll continue swiftly compiling the site as soon as this fundraiser has been made successful.  

Our Previous Work Prior to Coming to Standing Rock:

    Below we have a list of “our previous & ongoing works” so you’ll know who Wild Willpower PAC is & what our motives have been up to this point, & then after the list there is a second list which explains the exact materials we require to move forward & perform a stellar job.

  • Many years documenting traditional Native American wild living & ethnobotanical skills alongside Cherokee U.S. Army Veteran Richard Lonewolf (, including co-authoring several original publications together.

  • Documenting mushroom and lichen identification alongside the Mycological Society of San Francisco ( & the California Lichen Society (

  • Designing & devloping the framework for a “Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App” ( so people ccan identify biological organisms (plants, shrubs, tress, grasses, lichens, mushrooms, & more) within only 3-5 questions, & then learn step-by-step how to process each species for their traditional edible, medicinal, & utility uses!  The page will also toggle for “city mode” so you can receive special offers from our “Bright Green Sponsors”.  We’re prioritizing, but this tool will be continued to be built upon shortly afterward!

  • Founded Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative ( in Lake Isabella, California prior to the recent massive wildfires and our getting robbed just prior to coming to Standing Rock!

  • Please read to learn more about everything we’ve been up to.

    Burning Clean for the Re-LOVE-ution is teaming up with Wild Willpower PAC as well as many other ON-THE-GROUND #noDAPL pro-humanity, pro-ecological restoration organizations, individuals, & groups to make all this happen.

    Thank you so much for reading this fundraiser- we are not used to asking for so much, but for years we have been giving much & its been a fulltime job plus overtime & its time to take it all to the next level so we can begin enriching peoples’ lives & getting more people directly involved.  Being at Standing Rock with Oceti Sakowin Camp and Sacred Stone Camp has been a profoundly educational & humbling experience we’re grateful to be part of.

Side Note:

     To learn how ****printing presses**** have helped change the world in times past, please learn about Benjamin Franklin during The American Revolution OR about how it was used to ignite The Protestant Reformation.  As  Water Protectors are now going to court & the trials are just beginning- as winter has set in- we have a great deal of work to do to get this movement to the next level.  Please help!  We are confident this is just what we need to help the tribes, all of humanity & nature, & the Water Protectors.


    Even sharing this page with some words of support means so much!! Thank you!!!!


Community organizers, in endearing support our beloved Water Protectors, local community, & people everywhere.

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NOTE: Wild Willpower PAC is in-the-process of obtaining our FEC number, & will have that available soon- however due to the urgency of these matters at hand we are all-hands-on-deck & will get that filed as soon as the storm clears!  We do have our paperwork from the Federal Elections Commission (

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