This section of the archives is organized into several categories in order to help navigate the circumstances; there’s also another section of the archives called “Archives Subcategorized” designed also for analytical purposes.  This site also contains a history section which helps brings all this into context, a legal analysis, & also a “Redress of Grievances” Petition that anyone can sign which creates a logistical map forward which perhaps, by signingour society can agree upon and heal from.

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Civil Rights Violations **** Ancestral Burial Sites Desecrated **** Aircraft (FAA) Violations **** Officers Failure to Identify **** American Indian Religious Freedom Act Violated **** Everything Drone Related **** Officers Outside Their Jurisdiction (“Diversity of Jurisdiction”)

Historical Context

Pre-Contact Lakota **** First Contact w/ Europeans **** Two Treaties of Fort Laramie **** All Major Treaty Violations **** The American Revolution, The Constitution, & “The Treaty Clause”

Legal Analysis

The Location of DAPL is Illegal **** DAPL was Illegally Approved Through Acts of EXTORTION **** Wrongful Evictions Against All Water Protector Camps **** “We Call Upon Your Constitutional Oaths!”

“List of Reasonable Demands” aka “Redress of Grievances”– please read & sign!

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