Sacred Stone Camp Water Protectors were Wrongfully Evicted

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    1.  Information About EvictionsWrongful Eviction Cases, & Personal Injury Cases
    2. Chronology of Events: The Actual Process in Which Civilians at  Sacred Stone Camp Were Unlawfully Ousted
    3. Step-by-Step:  What to Do If You Suffered Loss as a Result of Being Wrongfully Evicted from Sacred Stone Camp
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1.  Information About Evictions & Wrongful Eviction Cases:

Eviction“, Black’s Law Dictionary:

   “Dispossession by process of law ; the act of depriving a person of the possession of lands which he has held, in pursuance of the judgment of a court. Technically, the dispossession must be by judgment of law; if otherwise, it is an ouster.  The abandonment which one is obliged to make of a thing, in pursuance of a sentence by which he is condemned to do so.

    Landlords & governing agencies must adhere to legally defined procedure in order to evict someone(s) from a parcel of land.  Tenants, or others considered in “possession” of a property can otherwise suffer property loss &/or have their lives endangered due to sudden displacement when not given ample time to relocate.  “Wrongful evictions” are a type of Personal Injury case.

Personal Injury“, Black’s Law Dictionary:

A non physical injury that occurs due to wrongful eviction, slander, false arrest or by violating the right to privacy of any person.

Resources to Learn About Wrongful Eviction & Personal Injury Cases:

About Personal Injury Cases from FindLaw

Wrongful Eviction Cases from LegalMatch

How to Fight Wrongful Eviction Cases

Wrongful Eviction Cases from

Wrongful Eviction Cases from

    There’s more information at the bottom of this page re: “Step by Step; How to Prepare Your Case if You Were Wrongfully Evicted from Sacred Stone“.

2.  Chronology of Events: The Actual Process in Which Civilians at  Sacred Stone Camp Were Unlawfully Ousted:

Note:  Some of the below videos do not function because the persons who uploaded them have their profiles set to “private” rather than “public”.  Each of them have been contacted, & we will have these videos & photos available ASAP.  For now they are embedded as is.

Each video below contains words written in blue, & other words written in deep red.

January 2017:


Angelo Sison:  Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (“SRST”) Chairman Dave Archambault discusses the camps at the Tribal Council meeting.  Discusses the Cannon Ball District’s motion to remove the camps, & also concerns about a flood coming that will cause trash to flow into the river.

Johnny Dangers:  “Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council discusses the motions for Camps to leave!

Johnny Dangers:  Tribal Council meeting, “Chairman Dave speaking now –> Must Watch Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council discusses the motions for Camps to leave! Safety is protecting the Water!

Johnny Dangers:  LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard and Chase IronEyes speak to the Tribal Council.

Jonah Lee:  “At meeting of camp leads + tribal council at Standing Rock


    On this date, a Tribal Resolution demanding that “ALL WATER PROTECTOR CAMPS MUST LEAVE IMMEDIATELY” was delivered to Sacred Stone Camp.

Download “Tribal Resolution #007-17”


Article by White Wolf Pack:  “Sacred Stone Camp founder LaDonna Brave Bull Allard said Sacred Stone has formed a 501c3 and has plans to build a permanent “green energy” camp.

    She said their are plans to put a tower in place for cell and Internet service. There are buildings for a dormitory, dining and to store equipment.

    The camp has a tractor and plow for moving snow. It has also purchased 40 yurts, 40 teepees and three greenhouses for organic farming. She said these are all services to be shared with the community.

    LaDonna Brave Bull Allard’s land is home to water protectors at Standing Rock.

Full Article:  “Sacred Stone founder, LaDonna Brave Bull, Refuses to Close her Water Protector Camp



TYT Politics:  “BREAKING: Army Corps, BIA, ATF Inside Sacred Stone Camp

Article:  Censored News:  “Police & Army Corp at Sacred Stone Camp” by Brenda Norell

Full Article: “Police & Army Corp at Sacred Stone Camp

Women’s Indigenous Media:  “BIA and Army Corp of Engineers at Sacred Stone”  Exposing an unwarranted search:

Johnny Dangers:  “BIA, ATF, US Army Core, Standing Rock Game and Fish and at least one tribal council member are currently inside Sacred Stone Camp Peaceful Prayer Camp as of 5 minutes ago

Women’s Indigenous Media:  Assessing the “Assesors” while they “Assess” whether taking pictures of some “Trash” is worthy of violating the law, and BIA stood around and collected their paycheck and watched the further oppression of their people.

Wild Willpower PAC:  “Officers Enter Sacred Stone Camp without a Warrant vid 1 of 3

Wild Willpower PAC:  “Officers Enter Sacred Stone Camp without a Warrant vid 2of 3″; includes interview with Sacred Stone Security Guard and footage of license plates of vehicles and of all officers’ faces.

Lorna R Knowshisgun:  Video of trespassers’ vehicles driving out of Sacred Stone Camp, brief statement by security team member Kayla Sutherland:

    License plate numbers of the several Chevy vehicles that are shown in the video include:  LANDOP1, 1957R, 1453769:

Wild Willpower PAC:  “Officers Enter Sacred Stone Camp without a Warrant vid 2of 3″; interview with another Sacred Stone Security Guard, Kayla Sutherland:

    Article by ColorLines about the illegal trespass:  “Sacred Stone Camp Founder: ‘We Have Been Betrayed by Standing Rock Tribal Council” by Yessenia Funes

Full Article:  Sacred Stone Camp Founder: ‘We Have Been Betrayed by Standing Rock Tribal Council


    On this date, LaDonna received a letter from Army Corps Colonel John Henderson re: ‘Removing Structures & Materials from the Cannonball River Floodway by 2-22-2017’; to Sacred Stone Camp Water Protectors, this translated into “moving Yurt Village off the floodplain”, to which everyone worked diligently; as you will see throughout the following videos, photos, & testimonies, they made the deadline & thus complied with Colonel Henderson’s commands & obeyed the law.

Download the PDF:  Letter from Army Corps Colonel John Henderson to LaDonna to ‘Remove Structures & Materials from Cannonball River Floodway by 2-22-2017’


TYT Politics:  “LaDonna Brave Bull Allard Questions Tribe Entering Her Land

Will Barton:  “BIA Police Violently Attack and Arrest Unarmed Water Protectors at Sacred Stone Prayer Camp at Standing Rock. Share if this Police Abuse is unacceptable! Call BIA and ask all 3 Water Protectors to be released.

Toni Cervantes: Photos of officers present among the previous incident:

Toni Cervantes:  “The Feds and BIA force their way past Sacred Stone roadblock apparently to answer a call from a house.  Update: three water protectors were injured. One may have had an arm broken.

Johnny Dangers:  Report after the fact  BIA arrests and beats up 3 Water Protectors on LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard‘s land on road at Sacred Stone Camp!

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe released the following statement re: “raiding the camps” & the safety of Water Protectors:


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe released the following statement & article in regards to BIA officers beating Water Protectors outside Sacred Stone Camp with billie clubs on 2-4-2017; the article referenced in the below post may be accessed below:

    The article referenced in the above post may be accessed HERE:

Link to Article:  “Standing Rock denounces violence, calls on allies to demand fair legal review

    Excerpt from aforementioned article, official statement from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe:  “Although we don’t know all the facts, the Bureau is conducting an investigation.  From information provided thus far, we understand that a tribal citizen of the Cannonball community called the police due to individuals blocking road access to the caller’s home.  When law enforcement arrived at the scene, officers were subsequently pepper sprayed by the individuals at the roadblock.  This led to an altercation and arrests at the scene.


Women’s Indigenous Media:  “Water Protector brutalized by BIA at Sacred Stone Camp, Standing Rock.

Women’s Indigenous Media:  “BIA Making their presence known

Article by ColorLines:  “Sacred Stone Camp Founder Questions Standing Rock’s Allegiance to #NoDAPL” by Yessenia Funes

    LaDonna Brave Bull quote from article, in regards to the BIA’s unwarranted trespass on 2-2-2017:  “They had no warrant, but they forced their way onto my private land, my family’s land, where I grew up on the banks of the Cannonball River. It was our own council members together with the Standing Rock Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the U.S. Army Corps, all seeking to evict me from my homeland.

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Live from Sacred Stone


Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Douglas Lamont, issues “Cancellation of Environmental Impact Statement’ for DAPL’


Alex “Distance” Wilson, Wild Willpower PAC:  “Following the attacks on Water Protectors on 2-4-2017 outside Sacred Stone Camp, Distance puts a suggestion of ‘body camcorders with microphones on all BIA officers so that civilians alleging civil rights violations aren’t left without evidence needed to prove their cases- to prevent color of law crimes and improve safety’.  The suggestion ALSO requests that the Tribal Code statutes AND Tort forms are placed online to encourage knowledge rather than fear of the law and to improve officer and civilian conduct & relations.


Digital Smoke Signals:  “Sacred Stones Camp and Oceti


Fusion:  Veterans speak about “why they’re at Sacred Stone Camp to stand for the water & the people”:


    “ND Gov Issues Evacuation Order for Oceti and Sacred Stone camps ‘effective immediately’- details

Jenni Monet 7:16


Toni Cervantes:  “Interview with David Little Wind from the BIA a few days ago. Very interesting perspective on the titles of the various new camps in the process of being established.

    On this date, two important documents were served: one was given publicly to LaDonna Brave Bull at Prairie Knights Casino, & the other was served to Sacred Stone Camp security:

Download the PDF:  Letter from BIA to LaDonna @ Prairie Knights

    BIA Agents delivered a “NOTICE OF TRESPASS, 10 Days to Respond!” Letter to Sacred Stone Camp; letter threatens that if Water Protectors do not leave within 10 days, their personal property may be “seized, impounded, sold, disposed of, or used as evidence against them”.

Download the PDF:  “NOTICE OF TRESPASS, 10 Days to Respond!” Letter

Note:  Both “NOTICES” are dated 2-15, but was delivered by hand  on 2-16.

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Sacred Stones being served trespassing letter by Bureau of Indian Affairs assisted with BIA police.

Aubree Peckham:  “Meeting with BIA And LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard

Allison Peacock:  2 photos of meeting:

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Live from Sacred Stone

    Update regarding woman who was beaten by BIA agent on 2-4-2017:

Support Krow:  “UPDATE FROM THE SUPPORT TEAM:  After a recent bail reduction hearing, Krow was assigned a cash-only bail of $100,000. The stipulations of the judge require that the bail be paid in full. Even if the full bail is paid, it is likely that Morton County would refuse to release Krow. We are currently working with lawyers and legal teams in North Dakota and Wisconsin to figure this out. Donations to support Krow will go towards paying lawyers, commissary, postage, travel for supporters visiting Krow, and/or bail. Krow has stated that she wants the bail paid.


Bismarck Tribune:  Article:  “Sacred Stone camp given trespass notice” by LAUREN DONOVAN and CAROLINE GRUESKIN

Full article:  “Sacred Stone camp given trespass notice

   Interview with LaDonna Brave Bull Allard by Toni Cervantes:
William Jerome:  “After our security meeting this evening I sat down with LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard to get a better understanding of today’s events. I felt that what she shared with me needed to be shared with you all so we decided to make this quick vid update.


Digital Smoke Signals:  “Live from Sacred Stone Camp

WE ARE THE PEOPLE tv:  (see video below) “BREAKING: Tribal Council Votes to Evict NoDAPL Camp, Use Donated Funds to Pay Off Debt; In an astonishingly abrupt move, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Council went rogue and voted to shut down the Camp of the Sacred Stones  — the original encampment set up by Indigenous youth — and to apply all funds donated in support of the camps to pay off the tribe’s debts.

    As LaDonna Brave Bull Allard — head of what has become known as Sacred Stone and owner of the property on which it sits — said in a statement at the council meeting today in sharp protest of the motions,
“This is supposed to be the time of prayer and gathering of the people to stand for the water as we fight for our water and against this billion dollar company Dakota Access Pipeline. This is the time for our nation to heal together and develop relationships with our nations and allies.

#NODAPL archives…

    Standing Rock Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II claimed in the meeting the camps have “rampant health and hygiene issues “and “must be shut down”.

    “We’re not sitting around taking donations,” Archambault stated, addressing rumors he and other leaders had simply taken donation money for themselves, “but when it comes to the tribe, this council is accountable and responsible for the members it represents — fiscally responsible.  So, we’ve always been transparent, whenever resources come to the tribe.”

    LaDonna continued:  “By July, the call was made out for people to come help Standing Rock with the fight against Dakota Access. Thousands of people came out. The SRST tribe then started with supplies and help at the new camp. The tribe slowly removed all fund or help with Sacred Stone Camp which was okay, we paid for our own porta potties and garbage.”

    She added Sacred Stone had hired CPAs to manage donations, set up non-profit status for the camp, and kept track of all receipts from purchases made for winterizing and other purposes.  But, as LaDonna added, “Sacred Stone continued to develop for the long term, getting ready for winter by and getting the camp prepared as we were left out of support from the tribe and the other camps, which was ok.”

    Now, two council members under Archambault’s guidance, have proposed a tragic end to the oldest camp in Standing Rock — and the complete removal of all water protectors who have called the site home — some of them since opposition to Dakota Access began.

    Indeed, some water protectors gave up their lives to support opposition to Dakota Access — leaving behind jobs, friends, and, in some cases, families for months at a time. Many intended to stay for the duration — until the construction is halted.

    Many well-meaning outsiders have also been at least somewhat betrayed, as they would have assumed monetary contributions given in support of the camps would be applied exactly to that — not to the Standing Rock Tribe to do with as it pleased.

    So, this sudden move — although not entirely unexpected — sends a shock to the heart of hundreds encamped at Sacred Stone and thousands more enduring the bitter and relentless North Dakota winter in several camps nearby.

    Archambault previously (Dec. 5th, 2016) used the cover of a delay imposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to declare, falsely, a victory over Dakota Access and attempted to effect a mass evacuation of water protectors.  After that announcement, the atmosphere became noticeably hostile at Standing Rock, as leaders seemed to both worry for campers’ safety in the subzero temperatures — and resent their massive presence.
Summarizing, LaDonna stated, “In the meantime, the resistance to Dakota Access Pipeline was being in the forefront in media and the news. The violence of Dakota Access and Morton County was escalating to major injuries, arrests and attacks.  We watched as the world watched as Amnesty International, ACLU, United Nations all came to record what was happening on the ground.  We are here standing for the waters, many wholly unsupported except by the donations which were sent, meanwhile #DAPLDave has likely embezzled millions in cash as witnessed by many who helped in the donations tent at Oceti Oyate.  We set aside comfort and ease, many walked away from family, jobs and retirement to join in a stand for Earth


Shaun King:  LaDonna Brave Bull live at Sacred Stone as Oceti & Rosebud raids continue.”  She speaks about how in this winter weather it is impossible to relocate camps, & how the camps are being served “impossibilities“, but that Water Protectors are “complying the best they can“.  LaDonna urges people to “call the Army Corps & request they extend the deadline for camps to move”.

Johnny Dangers:  “Yurt Village is 100% clear. US Army should NOT Need to enter Sacred Stone Camp

Dawn Neptune Adams:


Digital Smoke Signals:  “Pesha awomowah
Good morning


    Water Protectors issue 20 page Petition/Response Letter to BIA and Tribal Council re: the “NOTICE OF TRESPASS”, thus demanding “30 Day Notice” instead of otherwise Unlawful Eviction; includes “List of Reasonable Demands” to help the tribe’s case & benefit all of humanity.

Photos of Water Protectors signing Petition:

Download the PDF:  20 page Petition/Response Letter to BIA and Tribal Council re: the “NOTICE OF TRESPASS”, thus demanding “30 Day Notice” instead of otherwise Unlawful Eviction; includes “List of Reasonable Demands”

    “I checked out the new front lines today. The BIA with elements of the national guard have taken Rosebud. They set up a new checkpoint in front of the bridge over the Cannon Ball river and have set up a line at the beginning of the foot path to Sacred Stone as well. As I feared none of the structures from Oceti Oyate remain. It seems all trace this movement occurred are to be wiped from the land. I talked to water protectors still diligently cleaning the areas of the flood plain closest to the BIA line. Despite the risk of eminent arrest they seemed happy with their work. I’m afraid the federal governments going to keep advancing until all the camps are destroyed. After all they can’t afford to let any symbol of resistance flourish. Look at all the problems this movement has caused them so far.

Wes Howard


    On this day, a fascinating analysis of events by Alisha Ali Vincent was posted which included the minutes & analysis of the Cannon Ball District meeting wherein about 5 local residents who had not ever been to the camps strongarmed the meeting in order to demand the camps be closed.  

    Digital Smoke Signals:  “BIA soft barricade (NOT A RAID)
they are not letting building materials into Sacred Stones.

    ActivateNow:  “Soft Checkpoint being setup by Bureau of Indian Affairs right outside Sacred Stone Camp.  Here with Digital Smoke Signals

TYT Politics:  “Police Rough Up Water Protector in Standing Rock

    Digital Smoke Signals:  We’ve been documenting the clean up effort of Sacred Stone Camp for the last week. This movement is not over, it is only just beginning to awaken the world.

    Special shout out to all the water protectors who allowed us to interview/film them while at camp. Thanks to Hibibi for the wonderful drone shots, Nate Peracciny for contributing yurt breakdown footage, & Digital Smoke Signals team member William Jerome for additional editing. Interviews, clean up documentation and Editing by DSS team member Teena Pugliese.

    Johnny Dangers:  “Breaking News: BIA/Park Rangers have set up a checkpoint with barricades in the area north of the school in Cannonball for Sacred Stone Camp and 7th Generation Camp.

    Listen to the Teachings of #NoDAPL songs at the beginning of the video .
    Starting 14 minutes in I passionately explain the reasons Sacred Stone Prayer Camp needs to stay as a cultural camp!  This is a place of healing for all who come.  We learn how to live in harmony with the earth and with people of many backgrounds and cultures.  To break free form fossil fuels!

    Update: Chief of BIA says to Myron Dewey and Ed Higgins minutes ago 10:15AM CST they are setting up a “soft checkpoint” and “not allowing new camp materials in” to Sacred Stone Camp. People are currently still allowed both in and out.


    On this date, a  FINAL NOTICE OF TRESPASS was given to all Water Protectors entering or exiting the BIA checkpoint outside Sacred Stone.

Download the PDF:   FINAL NOTICE OF TRESPASS, 2-27-2017.

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Sacred Stones Road block now aided with Morton County Police Department?

Cheryl Angel:  Sacred Stone trespass notice details.  “Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is not as supportive as they were in the past.”  She discusses the content of the NOTICE OF TRESPASS delivered on 2-16-2017, and that the tribe has evidence that the land where Sacred Stone Camp is is owned by the Brave Bull Family.  She calls on the tribe to rescind their notice.
(video length 10:12)


Wild Willpower PAC:  Photo uploaded from inside Sacred Stone’s schoolhouse, with following message attached:      “Been coaching Sacred Stone Water Protectors to prepare for tomorrow- restitution not retribution. Wrote this on the board in the schoolhouse and Love Kitchen. Informing many people, collecting petition signatures. Preparing.

North Dakota eviction laws (explained):

Definition of “PERSONAL INJURY” (which includes wrongful eviction):

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Update from Sacred Stone, BIA coming through camp to do an assessment “NOT” arrest anyone or harass. This will determine if BIA will come through.

    Inspire Bank Exits:  “Were approaching bia baricade and park rangers have just come into sacred stone. We’re trying to get Jamison out the last guy on the roof per request of his mom.

Digital Smoke Signals:  On February 28th, Sacred Stone was expecting to be evacuated by noon according to the notice served by the BIA a few days prior. The camp worked through the night, taking down structures and cleaning up the land. After a long night of work, Myron called the number listed on the eviction notice and began searching for the person who could grant the camp an extension. Thankfully, the BIA allowed members to stay and continue working as long as they saw progress was being made.”  (this video became broadcast March 2nd)

Filmed @ 12:06 pm:

Digital Smoke Signals:  “Live from Sacred Stones.

    Johnny Dangers explores Sacred Stone Camp after officers “assess” the camp:  “At least 2 BIA drove around camp with looking around Sacred Stone Camp checking on the tremendous progress on moving over the past 24 hours. Camp needs more time. 3 US Army Core and 1 Governors office representative walked around back camp to decide where Army Core property line land is.

Digital Smoke Signals:  “People working throughout the night to meet trespassing letter at Sacred Stones.  BIA check point closer to Sacred Stones.

Myron passes through the soft check point at night:



    Johnny Dangers:  “BIA SUV just went through Sacred Stone Camp and said ‘Final Warning.  BIA is taking over cleanup.  Everyone should leave‘ There is now a Hard Blockade at the Check Point and Park Rangers are not letting Water Protectors back into camp to Clean!

    Johnny Dangers:  “Sacred Stone Camp under imminent threat of a raid by BIA!

Filmed @ 10:42 am:

   Honor the Earth via Johnny Dangers:  Ladonna gives an update about the situation at Sacred Stone Camp and how the BIA and other federal agents are moving forward.

Filmed @ 10:55 am:

   Winter Vojta:  “Last contact we had with the sacred fire
We were removed from the sacred fire, and told to leave the land they wouldn’t even let LaDonna come on to her own land, I was misinformed about them bulldozing camp they have no legal justification to do so and if they do they will have a major lawsuit on their hands. camp will be open back up in two days camp will continue to go strong their justification on the raid was that we might have weapons which we do not so we can go back supposedly but thats the update. camp will be open back up in two days camp will continue to go strong there justification on raided camp was that we might have weapons which we do not so we can go back supposedly but thats the update.

(video length 7:40)

Rob Wilson Photography:  “Water Protectors worked feverishly to take down several structures and clean up Sacred Stone Camp before the BIA moved in and took over. These are some of the final moments from camp. My work can be supported here! –>
Killer-Bailly Leta:  Facebook update with several photos including photo of the blockade once they drove out completely blocking the road from re-entry:  Han Mitakuyapi! Hello Relatives & Friends from our Sacred Stone Camp Water Protectors! We just shared a meal at the casino. Everybody got out safely with only 1 arrest of a new guy I don’t know? We encouraged our camp to leave safely & peacefully because we are a prayer camp.  Robert Eder stayed behind lastly with our Sacred Fire and came out peacefully. We took a picture jokingly saying we are the “Till the Enders” but decided we should be called, “The Beginners!” because we begin again. Look at the picture of our little wachinchila, little girl, Wiconi with her arm up! We do this for her generation and the next generations! Wopila, Thank You, to Tunkasila, God, for everyone getting out safely with no harm. Please keep your prayers going for our safety & guidance as we prepare to keep going forward for Sacred Stone’s Spiritual & cultural youth camp & to protect the water! We never give up! Thank you for your prayers & encouragement! Peace & prayers! Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life!!!

    Digital Smoke Signals:  Sacred Stones BIA sweep

Filmed @ 2:28 pm:

    Digital Smoke Signals:  Oceti and Sacred Stones

Filmed @ 3:01 pm:

    Digital Smoke Signals:  “BIA and FBI in Sacred stones

Filmed @ 5:27 pm:

Wild Willpower PAC:  “Roadblock enforcing Wrongful Eviction against Sacred Stone Camp


    Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke SignalsMorning update, Notice of eviction from Prairie Nights Casino;  ALL ROOMS HAVE BEEN ALL BOOKED OUT TODAY…

    Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals passes through a BIA “soft barricade”, then drives on to Sacred Stone Camp to discover a “CAMP CLOSED” now in front of the camp.

Winter Vojta:  “Feds book all rooms to push us out“, Water Protectors discuss the forced removal of camps, then walk around the casino showing how the hotel is packed with officers.

Filmed @ 5:09 pm:


Digital Smoke Signals:  “Sacred Stone cleanup

Filmed @ 3:37 pm:


Digital Smoke SignalsSacred Stones camp”

Filmed @ 6:00 pm:

William Jerome:  “Sacred Stone Camp update (uninterrupted feed in 4k)

Uploaded @ 7:08 pm:

Digital Smoke SignalsSacred Stones camp in the evening

Filmed @ 7:09 pm:

    The following photos by Johnny Dangers show evidence Class A Theft (North Dakota Code 12.1-23-05) occurring against Sacred Stone Camp and against individual Water Protectors- click to view photos:



(as linked at the bottom of the above photo):

Digital Smoke Signals:  Spoke with the owner of the home…he assured us he has everything documented there.


Article released by Censored News:
On this date, Sacred Stone Camp released two Press Releases, as follows:
Press Release #1:
Sacred Stone
Press Release
March 19, 2017
    The Sacred Stone Camp would like to offer our perspective as to what happened throughout this past month at Sacred Stone Camp. Sacred Stone Camp was first created April 1, 2016 on the confluence between the Cannon Ball and Missouri River with the help of Cheyenne River Reservation members who were the first people to camp on the Brave Bull allotment to stand in prayer and ceremony, and to begin “educating the world”
We received a notice to “Remove Trespassers on Tribal Trust Land” by order of the Chairman and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe according to the Bureau of Indians Affairs officers who hand delivered the notice on February 15, 2016. This notice was delivered to LaDonna at Prairie Knights Casino. I was told we had ten days to respond to the order by the BIA. Then officers went to the camp and gave a similar notice to the camp members. We gathered the people at Sacred Stone and together made the decision to leave peacefully and in prayer. We immediately began removing the camps, beginning with “Yurt Village” (section of Sacred Stone) we removed peoples’ homes and cleaned up the land. The BIA officers told us that if we continued moving the camp-they would not come in and raid us. We had crews working 24/7 to get people moved out as soon as possible because of the timeline we were given. We were forced to move in the middle of winter with many of our tipi poles and tent poles frozen into the ground. This reminds me of the government issuing an order in the middle of the winter demanding the tribe to come onto the reservations by January 1, 1876. The idea of moving in the winter was inhumane- especially with children and elders involved. Where was the compassion for the people?
    In response to the order of trespassing, I visited with the BIA Superintendent Sheila White Mountain and her assistant Dwight on February 23, 2017. I gave her a letter of response which included concerns regarding the nature of the order. She told me to rewrite it and to put three items in the letter: 1. that “this is an appeal.” 2. there was a Tribal Resolution to support Sacred Stone issued by the Tribal Council, and 3. that we are in the process of developing a cultural camp. I returned home to write the appeal, and turned it in the same day. The concern that they were told by the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was that “we did not have tribal permission to start the camp.”
    I informed them that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe voted to pass a resolution to support the camp on June 8, 2016. I wrote about how we had been working to develop Sacred Stone into a cultural camp. When I turned in the paper they said they had ten days to respond to the letter I submitted. We did our best to follow the BIA’s orders to get camp moved- and most importantly and to keep people safe. We stated that it is hard to move in the middle of winter and after 11 months of thousands of people living the area to be given 10 days to move a whole camp. We were told that if we were actively moving they would not come in to raid or attack the people. So, we moved but we also had to deal with the weather, bad roads it was almost impossible to move everything in the time frame that was given by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Then things changed and we were not sure why because we were following the orders of the BIA police. Next, they put up what they called a “soft blockade” by orders, we were told, from the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The police were not allowing the water protectors to bring in supplies, food or water to the camp.
    We talked them into allowing 5 gallons of water for 100 people in a day, because we had children and elders in the camps. While we waited for the response from the BIA to our appeal, the police moved in. Everyone was working to get out camp supplies and their personal property with no sleep for more than 48 hours, working in shifts to get things moved in all the mud and everything frozen to the ground and so much to move. Many felt very scared because the “notice of trespass” that was issued threatened that they could “seize, sell, or dispose” of peoples’ personal property” and arrest. Soon, while still moving supplies out we were notified that officers would be moving to a “hard blockade” at noon the next day. Instead, the hard blockade went in to effect at 10 am, 2 hours before the stated deadline despite the Water Protectors fulfilling the mandate to “keep moving”. Many people thought they could get one more trip before they refused to let them back in, so they left their clothes for the last load because they were helping others. We have people who could not get their personal items and had to leave with the clothes on their backs.
    On Saturday March 18, 2017, Sacred Stone Camp would like the world to know that WE STILL STAND in prayer for the water, and for our shared future as a species. However, we still have 100% of our compassion for the planet and all forms of life living here. Sacred Stone is still strong, supportive, and will continue to stand in prayer and today stand with the world. The Sacred Stone community is still focused on the mission of building a green energy culture camp for the community and the youth. We stand for the Water, the Land, and all future generations. It is our pleasure to witness the growth and expansion of this worldwide movement as the spirit of Sacred Stone spreads across the planet through the hearts and hands of the Water Protectors. We Stand! Mni Wiconi.
Press Release #2:
Sacred Stone
Press Release
March 19, 2017
Responses to the Chairman’s statement:
There are statements being made by a camp leader that the tribe destroyed property at the Sacred Stone camp- is this true? First, Sacred Stone Camp spokespeople have been misleading the public. The truth is, most of the land where the Sacred Stone camp was located is Army Corps land. On the remaining land, the tribe is the majority owner, with several siblings from a family holding smaller, fractionated interests. Reports that the Sacred Stone camp was located on one individual’s, or one family’s, land is simply not true. The tribe did not bulldoze or destroy any property. It is true, however, that law enforcement did enter and remove structures in areas under their jurisdiction. This was due to lack of permits, trespassing issues, along with NEPA & Historic Preservation concerns. From our understanding, the camp organizers were given ample notice by law enforcement.”
Information about the land which the Sacred Stone Camp is located on has been filled with mostly rumor and misinformation. The tribe and everyone knew that we were on Taken Land of the Army Corp of Engineers which was on the Standing Rock Reservation for 11 months and on Brave Bull Allotment. The Taken land should have been the major issue for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in the return of land taken in flooding of Standing Rock. There is no “fractionated interest” because we hold the land in common with children of Frank Brave Bull so we never divided into “fractions”- it is held in common. The BIA said, “we don’t have to divide it in to individual allotments”- so there are the following who hold it in common: LaDonna, Valmarie, Marty Jo, Randy, and Curtis Brave Bull who still own 127 acres in common- plus 2.5 acres for LaDonna, 2.5 acres for Marty Jo, 1 acre for the family cemetery, & then the acres for the our Father,s house which in total is 133 acres. The SRST own 190-acres of the 317 acres of the Lean Warrior allotment, however the shareholders of the family were not offered right of first refusal when other family members allegedly sold their shares to the tribe. The ideal of the threat against us that the SRST was going to press of “criminal trespass” (on my own property?) and the threat of “taking the personal property of U.S. Citizens who came to support our tribe in our time of need people. They came as guests to our family’s property and they came to pray, to work with us, and to share our peoples’ language, culture, and history. We have THPO (Tribal Historic Preservation Office) clearance form that was done in 1997 for our family’s land and we had a resolution to support the development of Sacred Stone Camp by SRST on June 8, 2016. Everyone was notified before the camp was started and gave permission including the tribe. We did not know until December 2016 that our half -brothers and half- sisters sold their section of the land at some point in 2016 to the Cobell Buy Back Plan. When I asked at the BIA in June 2016 they said they “could not give us that information yet”. The SRST received the information before we did and did not inform us instead the information was used to create this situation. This is the family land where me and my siblings were raised and lived as children. We are currently in the process of working with the Aberdeen Area Office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to get the land surveyed and to work out the amount the land would cost of buying our father’s land from the Cobell buy back.
The Standing Rock Sioux chairman stated “It was a complicated situation between most Standing Rock citizens who the council and I represent and certain factions within the camps. The tribe based its decision after heavily weighing the situation and listening to both our citizens and camp representatives. I’d like to point out that the clear majority of campers respected the tribe’s decision and we thank them for respecting our sovereignty.”
    The Sacred Stone Camp was not invited to the meeting held about the camps. The Tribal Council and Cannon Ball District never came to personally to talk with the Sacred Stone Camp nor were we invited to attend any meetings concerning the camps in fact we were forbidden to speak at the district meeting. The Sacred Stone Camp would say people deserve an apology, an apology will not bring back the property which was taken from the people who came and served months of labor who built a beautiful straw bale schoolhouse, greenhouses, who learned to build tipi structures and woganogans from young strong Lakota, Dakota, and Ojibwa people who came here to share and to teach.    
    Our community of Sacred Stone was assured that the core structures including the school house and the main kitchen would not be harmed in any way by the police. The school house and kitchen were destroyed by the order of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. All the property of Sacred Stone was taken by orders of the Chairman. We lost our boats and pontoon which were taken to another location. At this point, we have less than 25% of Sacred Stone property including dwellings and other supplies. We had the supply tents and food storage destroyed instead which in many cases these supplies were new these supplies could been given it to the surrounding community instead of being destroyed. The people from many other tribe’s nations and around the world who came to pray during this great time of healing which has never happened before on these lands. Sacred Stone did the best we could to follow the orders of the police even after the police came in an attacked the water protectors breaking one man s arm and beating a woman before taking her to jail (neither of them performed activities which merited these actions).
    Sacred Stone has always been camp of prayer and ceremony along with the development of the culture camp and it is unfortunate that there was propaganda and infiltration from agitators to broadcast us as being something that we were not so that injustice could be done to us in such a way where people would believe it. When the police were stopping the water protectors from coming back in to the camp, the water protector were delivery food to each home in Cannon Ball to help the community.  We are praying for healing for all parties involved and we are pleading for mercy and understanding to all people.  We continue to stand for the water.   Mni Wiconi.
Digital Smoke Signals:  Sacred Stone Camp”; on this day, when Myron Dewey goes onto the land, it is witnessed that all the property of Sacred Stone Camp and the Water Protectors who stayed here appears to have been stolen.


    April 1, 2017 – 1 Year Anniversary of the Sacred Stone Camp at #StandingRock.

– seekjoy (video length 5:13)

    Celebrating One Year of Togetherness & Standing for the Water at Sacred Stone.

Wild Willpower

   Closeup of Garbage Littering Sacred Stone, Everything Stolen.

Wild Willpower

    Photo & testimony of glass being picked up from Sacred Stone Camp‘s illegally bulldozed kitchen.

Wild Willpower

    Grassroots Civil Assessment of Sacred Stone Camp 4-1-2017 #1stAmendment 

Wild Willpower

3. Step-by-Step:  What to Do If You Suffered Loss as a Result of Being Wrongfully Evicted from Sacred Stone Camp

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  2. Write an itemized list containing each piece of property you lost that was deprived from you as a result of being wrongfully evicted, & write an approximate price it would cost you to replace each item next to each item on the list if you had to go replace each piece of property.  Be honest.
  3.  Download & fill out this FEDERAL TORT FORM SF95.  Then contact with EVICTION ASSIGNMENT in all caps in the subject line.  Include the dates you were at Sacred Stone Camp & what you saw your role as.  What type of work did you perform to contribute to Sacred Stone?

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