12-1-2016 (needs labels)

     DAPL status and flyovers – Watch the spotlights and listen to the work trucks

– Johnny Dangers (video length 5:21)


    Over the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe with DSS Indigenous independent Drone team

Myron Dewey (video length 6:31)

    Canoe families from Washington travel 8 days from Missouri headwaters, through ice, to stand with Standing Rock 

    Same canoe journey – listen about ten minutes before end, when paddlers speak about their journey

Andrew Kimmel (video length 1:30:04)

    Same canoe journey

– Native Lives Matter (video length 1:31)


    Patti Porter’s story (Colville) parts 1 & 2

Heart of Standing Rock

Interview with Patti Porter (Colville) 

– Winter Canoer- Oceti Sakowin Camp / Toni Cervantes

Canoe journey arrives

Angie Spencer (video length 17:39)

    Standing Rock Tribe

Myron Dewey (video length 5:35)

   Cedar Dugout Canoes from the Kalispell arrive on the Cannonball

Benalex Dupris (video length 1:30)


    Twelve Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation Canoe into Standing Rock.  38 photos, 17 videos.

Kelly Daniels


Creating Clarity from Chaos