12-2-2016 (needs labels)

    Vets at bridge and evidence of manipulation

Indigenous Rising Media (video length 8:54)


BREAKING: Veterans & Water Protectors Unite — March on Bridge Held by Police Since Violent Confrontation

    Evidence of police manipulation at bridge – making gas tank into incendiary device with kerosene

Evan K Duke III (video length 2:52)

    #NoDAPL Veterans hold vigil on the bridge as Wes Clark Jr and Phyllis Young speak with ND National Guard Commander.– 19 photos and 2 videos

Evan Duke III

    Vets gather on bridge

Indigenous Rising Media (video length 6:48)

   Vets gather on bridge north of Oceti Sakowin

– Indigenous Rising Media (video length 8:54)

    Blessing the our indigenous sky with high hawk eyes, the veterans of our country have been pouring in.

– Indigenous Rising Media (video length 9:34)

    #NoDAPL News roundup for today, with links

Sacred Stone Camp

    Native Veteran Defends Against TERRORIST Oil Police

– THJ2 from TheYoungTurks (video length 2:55)

    IIYC brings donations to Morton County 

    IIYC singing and press conference – donations given to Morton County

Wiyaka Eagleman  (video length 10:38)

     Leonard Crow Dog bringing support to Morton County for IIYC

Wiyaka Eagleman (video length 3:03)

Creating Clarity from Chaos