11-22-2016 (untransferred)

11/22/16 Iraqi Veterans Against the War report on addressing the Morton County Commissioners – Iraq Veterans Against the War 3:14

11/22/16 Backwater Bridge, DAPL Security, and Drill Site
​11/22/16 Back water bridge. They are putting up a huge blockage with cement blocks – IRM 0:41
11/22/16 live up date of North Dakota’s Infamous Law Officials protecting their DAPL – IRM 6:04
11/22/16 DAPL Security and their black snake and drill site. – IRM 9:32
11/22/16 Front line photos at the Backwater Bridge from Rob Wilson Photograph.


11/22/16 Press Conference for Sophia Wilansky – Unicorn Riot 34:37

Creating Clarity from Chaos