11-25-2016 (untransferred)

11/25/16 Numerous arrests at Bismarck Mall’s Black Friday rally, and razor wire put around Turtle Island
​11/25/16 Kandi Moffet Kirkwood Mall Bismarck – Numerous arrests – THJ2 28:40
11/25/16 Morton county and DAPL workers putting up razor wire on sacred burial grounds Turtle Island – Myron Dewey 6:02
11/25/16 CO2LONIALISM is alive and well in 2016 – IRM 1:01
11/25/16 EXCLUSIVE: DAPL Builds Razor Wire Wall On Native Burial Ground w/ Interview with a Vet – TYT Politics 4:16

11/25/16 Turtle Island – officer sitting down, after hearing posted monologue in support of a change of workplace? – Redhawk, SRR

11/25/16 One day after Thanksgiving, DAPL contractors fortify razor fence – Unicorn Riot 2:17

11/25/16 A few days ago Anonymous took down the website of munition manufacturer Safariland. Today, Moront County Sheriff’s Department facebook page has dissaperard. – Unicorn Riot

NEW 11/25/16 Barbed wire put in place at sacred burial site – Rod Webber 0:32

11/25/16 Another Major Norwegian Investor Divests From Dakota Access Pipeline – Ecowatch.ocom
​11/25/16 Update November 25th Kirkwood Mall Bismarck, ND – Indigenous Enviornmental Network 28:40

11/25/16 Standing Rock demonstrators call for a different Black Friday – Buzzfeed News 1:18

11/25/16 Standing Rock Deomonstrators Gathered to Protest During Black Firday Shopping – BuzzFeed News 2:00

11/25/16 Erin live with #NoBlackSnakeFriday – Erin 2:35

11/25/16 Great spirit our steps are towards healing. The Bridge to Turtle Island – Josue Rivas Fotographer

11/25/16 Shooting holes in Water Protector boats -Mykay Rajahdatken 2:40

11/25/16 At turtle island, watching boats being taken by officers of the law -Mykay Rajahdatken 6:06

NEW 11/25/17 First part of peaceful prayer at Kirkwood Mall – Andrew Kimmel 4:29

NEW 11/25/17 This just happened at Kirkwood mall – Andrew Kimmel 4:35

NEW 11/25/17 More footage after exiting the Kirkwood Mall – Andrew Kimmel 0:56

NEW 11/25/17 Andrew’s testimony, after his press credential got him threatened with arrest – Andrew Kimmel 3:00 ####

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