10-27-2016 (Some Summaries Needed)

Video #1:

       ​Lines of militarized police push back the protectors from the road blockade, threaten arrest while Highway 135 is on fire – “We stay committed to the power of civil disobedience, and prayer above all” (Dallas Goldtooth interview at -14:45)

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 21:00)

Video #2:

    Part I: DAPL police force and private securities violate indigenous people rights. Over 100 militarized police officers and contract security, tanks. Fire separates police from the protectors.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 30:44)

Video #3:

    Part II: DAPL police force and private securities violate indigenous people rights. Helicopters overhead, reports of informants.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 1:16:09)

Video #4:

    Report from the frontlines. Officers have threatened protectors with arrest, and are coming in tanks pushing them back from the frontline camp. Highway 134 is neutralized, it’s on fire.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 3:15)

Video #5:

    How far will North Dakota go to build a pipeline? – “Members of the International Indigenous Youth Council had their sacred staff stolen by police minutes after footage of their canupa carrier was beaten by police trying to protect it. You can see several water protectors here standing in the face of extreme violence and our youth soaked through from mace attacks”

AJ+ (video length 1:23)

Video #6:

    DAPL paid police force and private securities violate indigenous people rights.

Cempoalli Twenny (video length 1:16:09)

Video #7:

    Frontline DAPL pipeline encampment

Cempoalli Twenny(video length 30:44)

Video #8:

    They are attacking us and we have no weapons – they have no right to be on this land! 

Crystal Johnson (video length 0:14)

Video #9:

    Update on the frontline DAPL pipeline encampment

Dallas Goldtooth  (video length 1:23)

Video #10:

    Live Video feed from Sacred Grounds

Dallas Goldtooth  (video length 1:56)

Video #11:

    A powerful moment i caught on camera – Featuring Dr. Juanita Jumping Eagle

–  Dallas Goldtooth (video length 1:36)

Video #12:

    LIVE-Police use mace and smoke grenades to try to force #NoDAPL demonstrators off campsite.

Fusion Media Network (video length 6:05)

Video #13:

    They are attacking us, we have no weapons, they have no right to be on this land

– Fusion Media Network (video length 1:24)

Video #14:

    Keep your eyes on the live streams, tiospaye. Pray for our protectors and watch out for our youth.

International Indigenous Youth Council (video length 8:01)

Video #15:

    Kaden Jeray DAPL frontline encampment

Kaden Jeray (video length 0:31)

Video #16:

    Police have arrested #NoDAPL protesters near Cannon Ball, ND. Updates from behind the police line.

KGW-TV (video length 4:00:09)

Video #17:

    Anonymous journalist is live-feeding to members of camp media to share publicly.

Prolific TheRapper & Myron (video length 1:05:44)

Video #18:

More Myron Dewey at the frontlines.

Oglala Oyate (video length 1:04:18)

Video #19:

    Drone footage of Frontlines

Myron Dewey (video length 1:22)

Video #20:

    Live from the front lines DAPL pipeline encampment.

Red Warrior Camp (video length 1:10)

Video #21:

    #NoDAPL Frontlines

Uprising TV (video length 1:29:21)

Video #22:



   Wake up all my American white friends! Be on the right side this time, if you’re not informed about the past, read about your country’s dirty history, learn from it and act! This is happening right now! It’s not the 18th century, its 2016!

Adam Alexander Johansson Photos


    Police Attack Warriors Defending Water On The Frontline!

Vic Camp (video length 9:09)

    Witness a couple of people get hit by the state vehicles, they have shotguns, medic got maced.

Wiyaka Eagleman (video length 21:30)

    Asking Questions to Police as they Begin Clearing out Treaty Camp 

Wiyaka Eagleman (video length 43:48)

    Annotated video of civil liberties violations, etc. from treaty camp eviction day (with music)

Prolific TheRapper (video length 11:50)

    “Don’t you F*ckin tase that horse!” then videographer got tased.

Derrick Broze, The Conscious Resistance (video length 0:41)

    Buffalo Nation, From NBC, video of tv

Walt Pourier (video length 1:10)

    Mixed footage from a few days of actions – includes valuable footage from today.

Protect Mother Earth (video length 2:22)

    Police Tell Water Protectors to Move South  

James Owens ​(video length 1:40)

    Police still telling people to move South

James Owens (video length 1:11)

    The cops are coming.  What about the treaty laws obama?

James Owens ​(video length 1:09)

    Waiting at fence with Airplane heard over head

James Owens (video length 1:41)

    Waiting at fence with Sound cannon being used

James Owen (video length 2:10)

    I climbed under a pickup truck to interview two guys who locked themselves to the undercarriage.

Tim Yakaitis (video length 0:36)

    Sonic dispersion techniques –  LRAD, long range acoustic device.

Tim Yakaitis (video length 0:11)

    When the buffalo came – crowd reaction

Tim Yakaitis (video length 0:24)

    Standing rock standing tall – people walking backwards and singing as cops walk forward.

Tim Yakaitis (video length 1:29)

    More LRAD sound hell  

Tim Yakaitis (video length 0:20)

DEVELOPING: Arrests underway at Dakota Access pipeline protest — video via KFYR-TV – The latest tonight on NBC Nightly News Lester Holt

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (video length 2:17)

    More NBC Videos

KFYR and NBC news  (video length 8:04)

    Testimony after the events of the day

    Dan Naramkin and others testify about experience on front lines.

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 48:28)

    Today in Standing Rock

Malia Hulleman (video length 20:56)

    Interview with young prayer warrior who was ripped out of ceremony, arrested and put in dog kennel at the jail in Mandan ND – Trenton Casillas-Bakeberg, Cheyenne river tribal member.

Myron Dewey (video length 10:27)


Red Warrior Camp (video length 2:40)

    Interviews with a few protectors from Treaty Camp removal day and others.

Ricochet (video length 5:49)

    Water Protector Arrested and Violated By Oil Police.

Real Progressives (video length 14:24)

    Interview with Did Banerji, Medic, about medic arrests, and about right livelihood and talking truth to cops.

The Young Turks Politics (video length 13:09)

    The standing rock victory you didn’t hear about –  the bridge barricade that held off a bunch of cops

Yes! Magazine

    Interview with David Yellow Eyes about arrests

Rose Aguilar (video length 11:36)

    Interviews with a few protectors from 11/27/16 Treaty Camp removal day and others

Ricochet (video length 5:49)

    Testimony about protecting the alters and positive interactions with ND Highway Patrol

– Waste Win Young

    Live footage of the action today.

Jenny Monet (video length 3:44) 

    More live footage of today’s action.

Jenni Monet (video length 3:36)

    More live footage of the action today

Jenni Monet (video length 2:04)

Lockdowns on a truck

Curtis Yaz 

    Short video of cops encircling treaty camp

Mike Fasig (video length 1:09)

Drone filming of the day and interviews of the DAPL security that were arrested –  Myron Dewey 48:22


Photos and posts:

​Advancing on us! they are trying to take the frontline camp! PRAY – Satcheen Seitcham – Photo

Truck on fire – Satcheen Seitcham photo

Frontline hay bale on fire – RWC – photo

Democracy Now Frontline fire photo – Democracy Now!

Here is the lady Morton County Sheriffs Department said pulled a .38 Caliber Revolver on law enforcement. Well by the looks of it we’d say she’s holding a prayer staff and if you think otherwise please comment below.- Indigenous Life Movement

5 photos  211pm. Arrests made but we stand strong – Dallas Goldtooth


Woman in front of row of riot cops – reddit



22 photos and details on bridge fire as  attempt at self-defense – Erich Longie

This is a taser barb removed by a medic from a #NoDAPL protester’s cheek – Wes Enzinna

Shotgun pellets removed from a  leg of a water protector – Wes Enzinna

Richard Cate’s drawing of IIYC staff carrier getting arrested – “The cover of my book “The Drawings and Cartoons of Standing Rock””. -Richard Cate (see post below – this is Terrell Catt-IronShell

Photo clarification: This is a photo of Terrell Catt-IronShell.  He is the canapé carrier for the International Indigenous Youth Council.

Photo of military staging near front line camp – Kandi Mosset of Indigenous Environmental Network IEN

“Today Wednesday October 27th near Fort Rice, just north of the frontline camp, which has become the staging area for the militarized police force as they threaten to remove us from unceded treaty lands because we put our tents, tipis and bodies on the line between Dakota Access Energy Transfer Partners and the Missouri River. Pray for us and if you can, stand with us.”

Man praying with water at the frontline – photog unknown

Update on Horse Nation – post only – Greg Grey Cloud

Police from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp – Camp of the Sacred Stones

Article that includes second-hand testimony about the vehicle fires on the bridge being set by some kind of incendiary device thrown under the vehicles from behind the police barricades – Jayel Draco

Standing Rock: Protecting more than you might think

Photos by Curtis Yazzie below (archived feb. 2017)

on fire 

When the empire is closing down on you, seek out those who pick up shields of resistance. #NODAPL #SKODENsRevenge

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vehicle carcasses on bridge 


folks on that lockdown truck 

Because I always feel like running, not away, because there is no such place. Because, if there was I would have found it by now. Because it's easier to run, Easier than staying and finding out you're the only one…who didn't run. Because running will be the way your life and mine will be described, as in "the long run" Or as in having given someone a "run for his money" Or as in "running out of time." Because running makes me look like everyone else, though I hope there will never be cause for that. Because I will be running in the other direction, not running for cover. Because if I knew where cover was, I would stay there and never have to run for it, not running for my life, because I have to be running for something of more value to be running and not in fear. Because the thing I fear cannot be escaped, eluded, avoided, hidden from, protected from, gotten away from, not without showing the fear as I see it now. Because closer, clearer, no sir, nearer. Because of you and because of that nice, that you quietly, quickly be causing, and because you're going to see me run soon and because you're going to know why I'm running then, You'll know then Because I'm not going to tell you now . . . Run. #NODAPL #Fearless

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black snake and cop feet 


Later: fire on the bridge

People getting arrested, maced, and after macing and wounds: 


Women, young kids and elders were maced. #NODAPL #Chaos

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​10/27/16 DAPL’s Armed Security, Kyle Thompson, Charges into Camp with Weapon—Arrested by BIA / Censored News:

Today at Standing Rock during the 1851 Treaty Camp standoff, a hired DAPL security guard was spotted in the crowd with an automatic rifle in his vehicle (Post Link ) – Sara Long


Info on DAPL’s Armed Security Guard: Kyle Thompson:

Photo of DAPL’s fake water protector – SRST

DAPL’s Private security was an armed instigator, protesters claim – Huff post

No charges yet for man accused by Standing Rock Tribe of firing shots from assault rifle during NoDAPL protest – National News


The below videos have moved, & are currently unavailable:

Live at frontlines

– Asta E’sha Hoferer (video length 1:29:38)

    Raw: Over 100 ND Pipeline Protesters Arrested

Associated Press (video length 1:20)

​    LIVE update at the front lines

Atsa E’sha Hoferer (video length 1:20:42)

    Esha Hoferer on the frontlines DAPL – We will continue to share live updates and feeds as we see them.

Atsa E’sha Hoferer  (video length 6:22)

    Police making a push to remove the Protectors

Atsa E’sha Hoferer (video length 51:18)

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