Transcribe Videos Audio to Text

    Every one of the videos throughout the Actions Archive“ & “Slander Against Us” menus on this website need to have PDFs of written transcripts associated with them, which we will embed below the video once we have received them.


1.  Click on any of the dates within the “Actions Archiveor “Slander Against Us” menus of this website.  If there is no “Download the PDF for the Transcript of the Above Video” written underneath any of the videos, then we have not received a PDF of the transcript from anyone.

2.  Transcribe everything that is stated throughout a video.  If you know any of the names of the persons shown  in the video, use their name.  if you are unsure & the person talking is a Water Protector, simply write “Water Protector #1”, “Water Protector #2”, & so on.  If the persons speaking is an Officer & you can see which agency they work for (Morton County Sheriffs, North Dakota State Trooper, Mandan Police, etc.), then specify the agency, such as “Morton Sheriff’s Deputy #1”, & so on.  If you are unsure, simply write “Officer #1”.  In between what is verbally stated throughout the video, write in parentheses a brief description of the activities taking place.  Format the transcript using Times New Roman, size 14 font using the program Apache OpenOffice or Microsoft Word (etc.) when transcribing videos. 

3.  Once you have finished transcribing a video, export the file as a PDF, then send the PDF to with “VIDEO TRANSCRIPT 10-6-2016” (or whichever date corresponds to the video) as the subject line.  Inside the email, include a description of “which video” from within the page you transcribed, as well as a URL link to the exact page you transcribed from.  

Note:  If you do not follow the above instructions, your PDF will not be included into this webpage.  Please follow directions precisely, & email if anything is unclear.  Finished transcriptions will be embedded into the appropriate place throughout this site soon after they are sent to us.

Thanks so much!!

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