3/1/17 – 3/4/17 #NoDAPL Archive: (needs content and labels)

3/4/17 Firewood delivery to Cheyenne River this week. We continue to support those who support Unci Maka. Your support makes a difference. – Unkitawa


End Feb/ Early March: Post-Eviction (or during evacuation) Flyovers of various camps​:
3/3/17 Sacred Stone Cleanup flyover – DSS 17:03


End Feb/Early March: Blockades and other police activity, helicopters, etc.:
3/2/17 Feds book all hotel rooms at Prairie Knights Casino to push us out – Winter Vojta 20:53



2/24/17-3/3/17 (dates?) Evacuation of Seventh Generation Camp
2/27/17 Staying at camp until the last person is out and safe. The Rise of the 7th Gen. Don’t forget the name. We are just only beginning.(post) – Brandon Green



3/3/17 Here is another little secret for the world. The raids that took place March 3rd on the Rise of The 7th Generation Ceremony Grounds, it was completely illegal and cant wait to show the world! – Brandon Green



3/1/17 BIA SUV just went through Sacred Stone Camp and said Final Warning. BIA is “Taking over Cleanup” “Everyone should leave” There is now a Hard Blockade at the Check Point and Park Rangers are not letting Water Protectors back into camp to Clean! – Johnny Dangers 4:42 – 10:42am



3/1/17 SSC under imminent threat of BIA raid – Johnny Dangers 3:05 10:53am



3/1/17 Ladonna gives an update about the situation at Sacred Stone Camp and how the BIA and other federal agents are moving forward. – Honor the Earth via Johnny Dangers 5:32 – 10:55am



NEW 3/1/17 Last contact we had with the sacred fire.  We were removed from the sacred fire, and told to leave the land they wouldn’t even let ladonna come on to her own land, (more…) – Winter Vojta 7:40


3/1/17 Everyone is out of Sacred Stone Camp – 6 photos – We just shared a meal at the casino. Everybody got out safely with only 1 arrest of a new guy I don’t know? We encouraged our camp to leave safely & peacefully because we are a prayer camp. Robert Eder stayed behind lastly with our Sacred Fire and came out peacefully. (more…) Killer-Bailly Leta



3/1/17 and before –  Just before the Eviction of Sacred Stone Camp – 40 photos – Rob Wilson




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