8-11-2016: Rallies, Arrests, & Commentaries

#1:  “Solidarity with Standing Rock SIoux Tribe against #DakotaAccessPipeline (video length 1:39)

The people of of Standing Rock stand across from Morton County Police Department, chanting their reason for being there. “We stand for our brothers and our sisters. We stand for water, for life. We stand for our people, for one nation…” The police infringe on their right to peacefully assemble by arresting 10 people. Here you can witness how they use brute force against the Water Protectors, even when arresting an elder.:

Download 8-11-2016 “Solidarity w Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Agency” transcript for above video

#2:  Statement of Water Protector – Why he stands: “for my children, for all the people, for all the future generations to come, for all the winged, for all the four-legged, to live here. For water, for land, I am here…”, before arrest.        

 Adam Elfers  (video length 0:21):

Download 8-11-2016-2-transcript for above video

#3:  “Another Water Protector Crosses the Line”

People stand across from DAPL workers as they illegally dig into federally-protected land. The police illegally allow the workers to continue breaking this law. They begin to arrest the protectors who show resistance by crossing “the line”.

                         Adam Elfers  (video length 5:29):

Download 8-11-2016 transcript for above video

#4:  “Native people being arrested for trespassing on their own land.”

 –Waniya Locke (her videos from August 17th on are available here  video length 0:30):

#5:  Police protecting DAPL workers. DAPL workers digging the earth before holding proper permits.

– Waniya Locke (video length 5:14)

#6:  Peaceful front line protest of the DAPL pipeline. Songs and prayers of the peaceful first peoples of this land.

– Waniya Lock  (video length 5.13):

#7:   Natives & non natives, woman, children, families  standing in solidarity. Unarmed peaceful protest. There is a private security company here to protect the  DAPL pipeline.   We had six water protectors arrested today, one was an old woman who was thrown to the ground. Thank you everyone who is standing with us to protect the Missouri river that 10 0000 get water from. We thank you for your prayers.

Waniya Locke (video length 6:47):

#8:  Construction continues.

Waniya Locke (video length 0:30):

#9:  Machinery and gravel are being moved through our lands, please stand in front of them to slow progress. Please pray with us.

Waniya Locke (video length 1:29):

#10:  Our children stand with us because they understand how important it is for life.  More supply trucks for the pipe line are crossing boarders of our lands. We are in good spirits because we feel supported by our friends, family, and strangers.  We continue to sing our prayers on the front lines.

Waniya Locke (video length 4:10):

#11:  We raise our voices to protect our waters for future generations!

Waniya Locke (video length 0:47 ):

#12:  Water is Life! You can’t drink oil! As police stand by.

Waniya Locke (length video 0.45):

#13:  Our runners returned from Washington DC and joined the action.  Three more got arrested.  We are still standing strong!

Waniya Locke (video length 2:10):


#14:  Our peaceful songs and dance.

Waniya Locke (video length 1:20):

#15:  A powerful day of protest.  Thank you to my brothers, sister, parents, and children.  Any help and financial help is welcomed.  Keep praying, thank you!

Waniya Locke (video length 2:12):  


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