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Oceti Sakowin Camp:  “How the State of North Dakota Honors Veterans’ Efforts
Outside of the Veteran’s Day Freebies such as free breakfasts from McDonalds, IHOP, and Krispy Kreme it’s unclear how the men and women who traveled thousands of miles in some cases to help with this monumental effort are being “honored.”

What happened to:
“Be All You Can Be?”
“Aim High?”
“The Few, The Proud…?”
“Accelerate Your Life?”

    It has been said that the Veterans of this country are the most underutilized resource in this nation. Roughly a Million dollars per soldier is spent to maintain them in a war zone. That covers training, protection, vital skill development such as leadership and support services that go into maintaining a mobile unit of people for extended periods of time. The brothers and sisters who came here have brought that fellowship, and that desire to protect the land and its citizens.

    For a lot of Veterans who return home after service they are offered few options, and too often treated as burdens for the taxpayer to deal with.

    Veterans have come to work with us to clean up camp, to protect the water.
They have stood with us, inspired many of us with the fellowship they bring, the desire to help.
There have been many times that we have come together as a community that stands with the deeply rewarding feeling of serving the greater good, and experiencing that first hand each day as we work together to protect the land and the people.


    Video clip from KFYR-TV Governor’s Press Conference at 5pm 2.15.17


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