8-20-2016 Actions: Water Prayer, Cannonball to Missouri Paddle, Youth Solidarity Run

Water Protectors join in solidarity by standing on the bridge over and canoeing in the Cannonball River, the river that runs through and connects the three camps. (Song: A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear – Stadium Pow Wow)


8/20/16:  Water Protectors sing in Prayer Ceremony on the banks, while other Protectors canoe in the Cannonball River.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 0:11):

8/20/16:  Water Protectors chant “Another Gulf is Possible” in unity and solidarity for the Cannonball Canoe Paddle.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 0:20):

8/20/16:  Woman in a canoe – Honor The Earth, Sarah LittleRedFeather Kalmanson photo, titled “Ogichidaakwe #NoDAPL” (Ogichidaakwe is Ojibwe for ‘Warrior Woman’)

8/20/16:  28 photos of Water Action Day

– Rob Wilson – Sacred Stone Camp 


8/20/16:  Love Resistance Solidarity From Standing Rock to the Gulf

Sacred Stone Camp photo

Same photo, with hashtags:

8/20/16 (published 8/22/16):  Grandmas who shared the water prayer on the paddle day

– Sacred Stone Camp

8/20/16 (published 8/23/16):  The Lakota/Dakota/Nakota elders thank the Cheyenne River Youth for their solidarity run by joining for a prayer song. 

– ICT (video length 2:50)

8/20/16:  NAC Prayer Meeting. A beautiful story of their experience – from their own lives to now, at camp – scrolls by at the bottom, with a song that describes the same message playing in the background.

(video length 3:31):

8/22/16:  McLaughlin photo of pipeline path with #NODAPL sign.


8/22/16:  Cody Hall reporting on Morton County’s public meeting that Red Warrior Camp attended. They heard the police department and the governor asking for readily available funds for law enforcement to make a larger presence.

(video length 2:07):

Creating Clarity from Chaos