8-22-16: Morton County Commissioners meeting for “emergency” funding, commentary from Cody Hall of Red Warrior Camp

8/22/16:  Morton County Commissioners Meeting footage. They state that there is “one and only” topic to be spoken about, and that is getting “emergency funding”. They claimed they needed such funding due to “civil unrest” that could potentially pose a threat to the safety of the public.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 9:29):

8/23/16:  Cody Hall testifying at the Morton County Commissioners meeting, in regards to their “need” of “emergency funding”. He tells a short story of his life to the Commissioners’ Board, explaining the Natives’ perspective of life in North Dakota and the current situation between the Water Protectors and the Morton County Police Department.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 5:59):

8/23/16:  Longer version of Morton County Commissioners‘ meeting.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 58:32):

8/23/16:  Post-meeting interview w/ Cody Hall, against emergency funds. He warns that the Morton County Police Department will be gaining access to a large amount of funding, and even of a possible impending military presence and raid. He explains their view of the Native People.

(video length 2:56):



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