8-23-2016: Bismarck/Mandan Bridge: Inspiration, Speeches, & Directional Rally

8/23/16:  Dr0ne2bwild and KLND 89.5FM Flyover Video of All Nations All Relations for All Water; Music by A Tribe Called Red

(video length 1:44):

8/23/16:  Peaceful Protest with talks and songs offered

Adam Elfers (video length 41:26):

8/23/16:  Veteran’s Bridge – All Nations, All Relations, All Water Rally

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 8:09):

8/23/16:  More at the bridge

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 20:23):

8/23/16:  Below the Bridge

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 1:11):

8/23/16:  On the bridge again.

–  Sacred Stone Camp (video length 9:31):

8/23/16:  And again on the bridge.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 5:10):

(video length 0:33):

8/23/16:  More in Bismarck – About being connected, keeping hearts open.

Sacred Stone Camp  (video length 1:42):

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