8-29-2016: Fredrickson and Byron Law Office Action (NEEDS LABELS)

8/29/16:  Water Protectors gather for a #NoDAPL rally at the legal offices that work in support of Dakota Access, LLC. They hold signs that read “All Nations, All Relatives, All Water, All Genes”, reminding their audience that we are all related and all connected by the very water they wish to pollute.

RevRadMedia (video length 57:40):

8/29/16:  More footage of the Water Protectors’ law firm action. Protectors drum and sing in Prayer Ceremony. Flags of all the different tribes are brandished to show the unity that this movement has brought together.

FusionJosue Rivas (video length 23:11):

8/29/16:  Shorter version of the previous video, explaining why the Water Protectors went to the DAPL law firms. It shows an inside look behind the Tribal elders’ motivation to join and keep this movement going.

Josue Rivas (video length 1:13):

8/29/16:  More footage of the Water Protectors’ law firm action in Bismarck.

KLND (video length 3:13);

8/29/16:  Bismarck Tribune Clip: Anton American Horse, a Tribal elder, speaking on the Water Protectors’ reasoning to join in unity and solidarity to support this movement outside of the law firms that work for Dakota Access, LLC. He speaks on the unity of 125 tribes coming together for the first time in recent history. He continues to explain connection to the spirit realm, and how powerful Prayer can be.

Anton American Horse (video length 2:16)

8/29/16:  Mekasi Horinek speaking on the current injustices acted on the Water Protectors by Morton County Police Department and Governor Jack Dalrymple. He asks them to rescind their dishonest statements that have put the Natives in harm’s way and divided them from the residents of Bismarck. Mekasi reiterates the motivation behind this movement and why the Water Protectors have gathered at the law firm.

(video length 3:28):

8/29/16:  Tom Goldtooth speaking on the Water Protectors’ behalf on their message to the law firms that work for Dakota Access. He expresses their desire to end the “colonial legal system” and to charge the law firms as an accessory to a violent crime.

(video length 3:24):

8/29/16:  Water Protectors drum, dance, and sing in Prayer Ceremony in front of the legal firms that work for Dakota Access, LLC.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 2:30):

8/29/16:  Lawyers ran out the back (summary needed).

(video length 1:01):

8/29/16:  Mni Wiconi – at law offices (summary needed).

(video lenght 1:46):

8/29/16:  live (summary needed).

Joseph White Eyes (video length 4:58):

8/29/16:  live (summary needed).

Joseph White Eyes  (video length 12:57):


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