2-15-2017: (Untransferred)



Summary of today’s events at camp – Camp Updates and Water Protector Concerns– OSC


Update and USGS install flood gauge – OSC page


Governor of ND issues Emergency Evacuation Order for 2/22/17


Evacuation Order:


ND Gov Issues Evacuation Order for Oceti and Sacred Stone camps “effective immediately”- Details – Jenni Monet 7:16


Enbridge has finalized buying one third of the Dakota Access Pipeline. If you ever considered an action targeting Enbridge throughout this campaign, now is the time. Duluth News Tribune


CLASS B FELONY-“maximum penalty of ten years’ imprisonment, a fine of twenty thousand dollars, or both, may be imposed.” If HB 1426 passes in the Senate tomorrow, these are the charges water protectors could be looking at. On HB 1426, HB 1193, HB 1304.


New barricades – Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn 10:45


police moved the barricades from the Backwater Bridge up hundreds of feet to the edge of the Big Camp.  Digital Smoke Signals Myron Dewey talks about police shooting down another of his drones – Johnny Dangers 27:51

New barricades were moved within a hundred yards of he North Gate entrance to Oceti today. It was a peaceful conclusion after the police agreed to remove their arrestee wagons and hummers. After they backed off, the Water Protectors retreated and went to Winonas for hot pizza. The concern is this is a preview of encroachment by the police to implement the forced evacuation of the camp as ordered by the ND governor. Keep your eye on the social media on February 22. The portrait photos are of two of the beautiful Water Protectors.- Five photos – Toni Cervantes

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Feb 15TH: Digital Smoke Signals and Women’s Indigenous Media cover New Barricade near North Entrance of Camp.

– DSS and Women’s Indigenous Media WIM 3:32



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