2-16-2017: (Untransferred)

Ongoing negotiations for collaboration and cooperation w USACE to get the cleanup done! – John Bigelow and HolyElk Lafferty, and others, and USACE person – Commander of Omaha district is open to be flexible on that date as long as cleanup is happening and progress is being made!, and everyone is working together! – Angie Spencer 23:34

Transparency & Communication – OSC page 0:36

FB and feeds are getting jammed – OSC page


Many folks from Oceti Sakowin walking to meeting

– Toni

Cervantes 1:52


Chase IronEyes on Cannonball bridge – Dustin Thompson


Candy Brings Plenty – Concerned Corner 2:21


photo on the bridge – Concerned Corner


Videos via Angie Spencer: – Residents along with Chase Iron Eyes and LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, make statements and negotiate the terms of camp evacuation. Grandmas and Uncis of Standing Rock need to be respected, they are not leaving.

HolyElk Lafferty at Cannonball Bridge meeting – 3 videos – Toni Cervantes

Katie Kloth(Krow) was beaten on 2/4/17 by BIA and taken from us while helping with camp security. Please help defend this warrior! Support Krow

Unicorn Riot Summary of February 15th and 16th

Eviction Threats Loom as Hundreds Remain at #NoDAPL Camps

photos of the notice given to LaDonna BraveBull Allard – Victory Lonnquist

Via Aubree Peckham:

photos of the notice given to people at Sacred Stone Camp by BIA – Johnny Dangers

Two photos of LaDonna’s meeting – Allison Peacock

Meeting with BIA And LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard – Aubree Peckham 13:38

Interview with LaDonna – William Jerome 8:38

Sacred Stones being served trespassing letter by Bureau of Indian Affairs assisted with BIA police. – DSS 24:34

Creating Clarity from Chaos