2-13-2017: (Untransferred)

Video #1:

Conversation with SR lawyer, Jan, who will be filing for summary judgement – Standing Rock Lawyer Confident After Latest DAPL Defeat.

– TYT Politics 8:03

Happening now at Standing Rock: 20 snowmobiles and military ATV vehicles approaching at Oceti Camp creating a perimeter circle around all camps. Morton County Police Department continues to harrass and terrorize Native Americans on their own Treaty Land. The Grandmas, the Uncis are not leaving. (logged 4/9/17) 

– Angie Spencer 23:42



 DAPL announces they will have the Pipeline completed under the river within 30 days or Less! Day 5 of Drilling today! Share Everywhere! Police got within 100 yards of Sacred Stone Camp on snowmobiles and side by sides this morning around 9:30AM! Share! I’ll show you how close that is and have an eye witness to the incursion. (logged 4/9/17)

– Johnny Dangers 18:44

Video #: 

BREAKING: Judge Denies Tribes’ DAPL Restraining Order. 

– TYT Politics 18:32

Article #:

Oglala Sioux sue USACE over water rights. (pub. 2/15/17)

– rapid city journal


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