2-14-2017: (Untransferred)

StateMent #1:

SRST files for Summary Judgement – SRST.

– SWSR.net



Earthjustice’s  update with announcement of the filing:


Filing includes very deliberate language

– Vice


 Legal Papers files #1:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


DAPL west and east drill pad flyover.

Video #:

UPDATE: Video of the DAPL progress. This video highlights the fact that this project that was claimed to create thousands of jobs is actually only being operated by a handful of people. 

– William Jerome 1:25


Cheyenne River’s response, and 2/27/17 court date on injunction request rejection.

– Teton TImes

RESIST. That’s been on my mind. What does it even mean? Is it helpful? I think about my own personal life and also the events I’ve witnessed the last few months.

-Josue Rivas Photographer 

Creating Clarity from Chaos