9-14-2016: Three Locked to Equipment, Unicorn Riot Arrested (LABELS NEEDED)


9/14/16:  Good words from lockdowned warriors,, standing up for our rights.

(video length 3:40)


9/14/16:  Water Protectors Arrested by Militarized Police.

Unicorn RIot (video length 3:30):

9/14/16:  length of fresh pipe and info on ETP.

Unicorn Riot (video length 1:25):

9/14/16:  Sundance song and possible arrest of photographer.

(video length 1:26):

9/14/16:  Ongoing earth moving equipment.

(video length 0:18):

9/14/16:  Mass Arrests at Dakota Access Pipeline Standing Rock Area.

(video length 14:51):

9/14/16: Unicorn Riot / Unicorn Ninja Arrested for Trespassing.

xBlackxOpsxSecretsx (video length 0:41):

9/14/16 (published 9/17/16):  How the day started – bravely stopping moving equipment!  Water protectors carry out prayerful lockdown.  

(video length 6:56):


9/14/16 Felony Charges Being Pursued.


9/14/16:  Back-to-back lockdowns, and arraignments

– Sacred Stone Camp


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