Class Action Lawsuit Forming

   In September 2016 Wild Willpower PAC began developing the framework for what would eventually become  We’re currently in the process of finishing the archive & history section so the logistical analysis can be finished prior to filing (everything you see there will be taken down soon, & replaced with all the latest findings).  

    Soon there will be a Petition on this page which presents a “List of Reasonable Demands” to help remedy & provide relief for this situation.

    The case will be filed in primarily 2 courts: much paperwork will be broadcast after it has been filed, as due to the Fifth Amendment regarding “Double Jeopardy” it is important that the charges are not filed prematurely so that all the casework is in order.

US Court of Federal Claims

North Dakota Federal District Courthouse

THIS PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.  We are currently seeking the best platform for online petition signing.

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