Class Action Lawsuit Forming

   In September 2016 Wild Willpower PAC began developing the framework for what would eventually become  We’re currently in the process of finishing the archive & history section so the logistical analysis can be finished prior to filing; as of now, there’s a Petition (presented below) which presents a “List of Reasonable Demands” to help remedy & provide relief for this situation.

How The Petition Came About:

    After months of developing this very large & complex case, on 2-15-2017, BIA agents hand delivered aNOTICE OF TRESPASS” to Sacred Stone Camp.  Shortly after, a similar notice was delivered to 7th Generation Camp.  Due to the fact that both notices demanded a response “within 10 days” or else “trespassers would be arrested” and their property “could be seized, impounded, sold, or used as evidence against them”, Wild Willpower PAC took the “List of Reasonable Demands” aka “Redress of Grievances” being designed for the lawsuit & transformed it into a “Petition & Response Letter” that could be served back within the  “10 day limit” which would serve several purposes:

  1.  Refute the accusation of “Trespassing” via declaring that Water Protectors came to camps in accordance with Casus foederis and U.S. Code Action for Neglect to Prevent.
  2. Ordered a “Cease & Desist” upon the otherwise Wrongful Eviction.
  3. Demanded a “30 Day Notice” as required under by law.
  4. Issued a list of approximately 20 “Reasonable Demands”

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THIS PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.  We are currently seeking the best platform for online petition signing.

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