Redress of Grievances

   In September 2016 Wild Willpower began developing  We’re currently in the process of finishing building the archivehistory section, & a few other sections of behind-the-scenes work.

    In summary, the illegal approval of the pipeline damaged Tribes, North Dakota taxpayers, & hundreds of civilians who legally protested the illegal construction of DAPL in accordance with the First Amendment and Casus foederis, with regard to the U.S. Constitution & our national & moral obligation to tribes both as a nation and as a people:

Casus foederis is the event upon the occurrence of which it becomes the duty of one of the allies to render the promised assistance to the other.  Thus, in the case of a defensive alliance, the casus foederis occurs when war is declared or commenced against one of the allies.  Treaties of alliance very often define precisely the event which shall be regarded as the casus foederis.[1]

What is a ‘Redress of Grievances’?

    The First Amendment guarantees the right “To Petition The Government for a Redress of Grievances“.  The following definitions are from Black’s Law Dictionary:

Redress:  The receiving satisfaction for an injury sustained.

Satisfaction The act of satisfying a party by paying what is due to him.

Injury:  Any wrong or damage done to another, either in his person, rights, reputation, or property.

Personal Injury:  A non-physical injury that occurs due to wrongful eviction, slander, false arrest or by violating the right to privacy of any person.

Grievance:  A complaint due to injury, injustice, or wrong.

      The term “Redress of Grievances” is often substituted for “List of Reasonable Demands“.  Due to the fact that several individuals & organizations are going to be mentioned in the case we’re compiling, we’re not going to be specific about the details of the case until after some of the work is filed, however we have begun compiling a list of demands which includes:

Main Section of Case:

WHEREAS injuries sustained by Water Protectors and Native people were caused by systematic offenses, THEREFORE, the following section of demands are relative to 

Justice Reform:

Note:  This next section of demands are currently linked into Wild Willpower’s platform until we get them migrated to this website in their proper format.

    This next set of demands is a logistical map to create a clean economy in a way that particularly helps tribes as well: An Ecologically-Restorative Plan to Meet Our Economic Needs –

The above demands will be upgraded to fit this website soon. Please check back to this site periodically.


[1]:  Oppenheim, L., International Law: A Treatise, 8th Ed., Vol. 1, edited by H. Lauterpacht (New York: Longmans, Green & Co., 1955), page 963-964.

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