9-25-1016: Planting Ceremony, FAA Violations, Chanting, & More (one missing video link)

   Reporting on the shutdown of two sites, driving in caravan that is miles long.

John Wathen (video length 0:20)

   A group of peaceful Water protectors gathered to shut down work on the Dakota Access Pipeline #NODAPL. There was minimal confrontation with the law. We planted Willow Trees in the pipeline route and prayed to help the US government remember these are treaty lands and they must uphold them or face the world condemnation that comes with putting private industry above international treaty. 

– John Wathen

Planting ceremony on proposed DAPL site.

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 2:26)

    Four directions prayer and chants at DAPL site.

Indigenous Environmental Network (video length 17:49)

Prayer ties placed on DAPL equipment site that DAPL employees must break to walk through before work.

Manape Hocinci Ga  (video length 3:26) 

Praying and singing at site with plant medicines, line to north, etc.

Canku Luta & Red Warrior Camp  (video length 12:12) 

Singing and praying.

Travis Harden (video length 0:31)

Update behind the caravan of Protectors & police, a presence of prayer…. “We are watching, THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!”

Digital Smoke Signals  (video length 35:42)

Update @ ~ 11 am:

Digital Smoke Signals (video length 44:02)

    About the planting, prayers and false media reports. 

Indigenous Environmental Network (video length 1:19)

Peaceful confrontation.

John L. Wathen (video length 3:35)

    Nonviolent direct action to stop DAPL construction.

Red Warrior Society

    Water protectors have taken it upon themselves to defend their indigenous rights and say:  “If construction continues daily, then action to stop construction will also continue daily. 

Red Warrior Society


    Photo of mostly women, the pipeline, and the willows. 

– Indigenous Environmental Network

8 photos at site by Emily Arasim:

Creating Clarity from Chaos