9-25-1016: Planting Ceremony, FAA Violations, Chanting, & More (LABELS NEEDED)


9/25/16 (published 9/30/16):  Planting ceremony on proposed DAPL site

Red Warrior Camp  (video length 2:26):

9/25/16:  Four directions prayer and chants at DAPL site.

Indigenous Environmental Network (video length 17:49):


Manape Hocinci Ga  (video length 3:26)

9/25/16:  Praying and singing at site with plant medicines, line to north, etc.

Canku Luta & Red Warrior Camp  (video length 12:12)

9/25/16:  Singing and praying.

(video length 0:31):

9/25/16:  Update behind the caravan of Protectors & police, a presence of prayer…. “We are watching, THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Digital Smoke Signals  (video lenght 35:42):

9/25/16:  Update @ ~ 11 am:

Digital Smoke Signals  (video lenght 44:02):

9/25/16 (published 9/27/16):  About the planting and prayers, and false media reports  

Indigenous Environmental Network  (video length 1:19):

9/25/16:  Peaceful confrontation.

John L. Wathen (video length 3:35):

2 photos: Water protectors have taken it upon themselves to defend their indigenous rights and say:  “If construction continues daily, then action to stop construction will also continue daily. #redwarriorcamp #noDAPL #waterislife

8 photos at site by Emily Arasim:

Indigenous Environmental Network photo of (mostly) women, the pipeline, and the willows:

9/25/16:  31 photos byJohn Wathen:



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