Historical Context

    To help the people of the world to better relate to learn more about usand to better comprehend the Redress of Grievances we’re assembling, we invite you to get to know us by learning more about our history, language, & traditions.  We’d like to give a very special thank you to all the individuals & organizations who are linked throughout StandingRockClassAction.org for the years of dedicated service in helping to re-assemble our culture & history for both ours and future generations.  We’ve provided links to everything referenced throughout the following links:

Pre-Contact Lakota

First Contact w/ Europeans

The American Revolution, The U.S. Constitution, and “The Treaty Clause”

The Treaty of Fort Laramie

Subsequent Treaty Violations

The Current Treaty Violation: Water Protectors v. Dakota Access Pipeline and Conspirators

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This website is being peaceably assembled as a mode of First Amendment expression courtesy Wild Willpower PAC.

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