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4Below, the logistics of the case are being assembled for the sake of cutting through the propaganda in order to educate the people, & we’ll continue assemble the case as a mode of First Amendment expression, without prejudiceuntil fully compiled, at which time there will be time for public review of the case we file in order to ascertain Our Redress of Grievances.  The logistics are being compiled in the form of downloadable PDFs, & also below the PDFs with hyperlinks to the sources of information.  Please continue to check back on this website within the coming days to get the latest.  The case is nearly assembled, & we are wishing & praying for safety & peace for all parties as we continue assembling the knowledge in order to ascertain our inalienable right to Due Process soon.

#NoDAPL Class Action PDF #1

#NoDAPL Class Action PDF #2

Very Important Statute:

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Map of Proposed Pipeline:


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The following videos are a beginning of our attempt to explain “why we’re assembling & praying to stop an illegally-laid pipeline from crossing over the sacred life-giving Missouri River (at Lake Oahe) water that everyone downstream depends on for their survival- for crops, drinking water, & much more.  This movement is not just about the Lakota people & our beliefs that “water is sacred”; its about protecting all people & wildlife because we need to make wiser decisions as a species,  which begins by peaceably & legally stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline Project from After months of suffering slander campaigns & the stresses of having the sacred burial grounds of the Oceti Sakowin (Lakota phrase for “Seven Fires Council”; most people refer to the Oceti Sakowinother tribes collectively and inaccurately as the “Sioux Indians“) bulldozed illegally by a company so they can put in a pipeline which endangers everyone downstream.  That is why we are gathered- we’re reaching out to the world in prayer to stop this pipeline from endangering the water supply, & to raise awareness as to how negligent decisions such as “building a pipeline across a major waterway” is an abhorrent decision that will kill us as a species if we do not wake up & begin making wiser decisions.  Please don’t believe the slander against us.  

The following video was uploaded by teleSUR English onto Youtube on 10-13-2016:

The following video was uploaded by The Laura Flanders Show onto YouTube on 10-10-2016:

Please send other videos which help explain the situation to people to In the subject line of the email, write “STANDING ROCK FOOTAGE”. Thanks!!

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