Media Slander Against Us:

   Since the time the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe & other concerned civilians & organizations sent out an international call for help to peaceably advocate & pray to protect Lake Oahe, the Missouri River, & the Gulf of Mexico from contamination by an otherwise imminent oil blowout by the illegally-approved Dakota Access Pipeline Project, Water Protectors have not only suffered nearly daily civil rights violations, but also we’ve been the targets of slanderous videos, articles, & false testimonies which have been waged against our characters.  Below we have assembled evidence concerning the false witness against us into the following categories.  Please send any videos, articles, etc which you beleive have been used to slander Water Protectors to, & in the subject line write “SLANDER AGAINST PROTECTORS”.  Please send links to all information you can find regarding whichever topic you’re sending that we might include them.  Thank you so much for caring!!!  We’ll update these sections soon.

The “Cattle Slaughter” False Flag Operation

The Phelim McAleer Scam

Creating Clarity from Chaos