8-10-2016: First “Water Protectors” Set Up Camp

    Following a 48 hour notice that “construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline”, the first “Water Protectors” camped along the Missouri & Cannonball rivers to begin what would become a several month peaceful vigil to protect & defend the water, sacred burial sites, & sensitive wildlife habitat in immediate danger from the pipeline being built by Energy Transfer Partners… ARTICLE:

Spirit Camp Warriors Stand in Path of the Dakota Access Pipeline

   Day one on DAPL access road – LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

   LaDonna is speaking about the”A.P.E.” (Area of Potential Effects) and describes the construction route. She goes on to say that if “they” use any route not included in the Construction Plan, it is illegal. The video shows very early stages of the first water protector camp.

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 1:16)

   Mni Wiconi sign and handful of protectors

Sacred Stone Camp (video length 0:10)


    Unicorn Riot returned to Standing Rock Reservation on Wednesday, August 10th, when Standing Rock tribal members and allies blocked the entrance to the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site.

   “On August 10, resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (#DAPL, also known as the Bakken Pipeline) entered a new phase as the Army Corps of Engineers approved construction of the pipeline under the Missouri River.

    Series of images, tweets, and video from Unicorn Riot’s visit with commentary.   Also speaks about and provides contact info for “10-Code, LLC”, a security company retained by Energy Transfer Partners to help force the pipeline through.

Unicorn Riot

Standing Rock Tribal Members & Allies Block Entrance to Pipeline Construction Site

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