The Approval Process Explained pt. 1:

   Without prejudiceas a mode of First Amendment Expression, we’ve been mapping the approval process of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project.  Below we have a list of all key documents in regards to the approval process, & within each section, we have excerpted key sections to each deocument in regards to the line of reasoning as to “how the approval process was illegal”, & “which laws were broken & by whom“.  If we’ve missed anything, please send the link to with “STANDING ROCK KEY DOCUMENT” in the subject line.

1.  April 2005, Michael B. White Issues a New- & Illegal- Department of Defense “Indian Policy”

2.  December 2015:  21 Tribes Contacted by Fish & Wildlife Service, DAPL Announced by Army Corps

3.  April 2016:  Todd Sando, ND Water Commission, approves Flowage Easement

4.  July 2016:  John W. Henderson, Army Corps, approves Flowage Easements

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